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I Just Want the Truth
October 8, 2002
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From: lawrence green
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 10:04 AM
Subject: Greetings

Mr. Adachi

I currently purchased some colloidal silver for myself with the intenet of using its aclaimed therapudic uses.  I took a teaspoon of the product yesterday and felt a little strange at first, but later that afternoon evening I started to get some pep.  I took the CS at about 5:00 with some grape juice.  Some of the discomfort I was feeling has "mostly went away.  Even waking up this morning I feel good.  Now my concern of course is the the claim made by the food and drug administration as well as some of its supporters that CS is not good for you, even now I see CS companies that suggest that CS with 3PPM is good for you.  The product I have is 10PPM made by Futurebiotics,  I just what the truth, thank you.


Lawrence Greene

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From: Editor
To: lawrence green
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 3:02 PM
Subject: Re: Greetings

Hi Lawrence,

The FDA is an organization which is owned heart and soul by the pharmaceutical cartels. They are also in league with the so called secret or inner government to deceive the American people into thinking that they are protecting the public when in reality they are CONTROLLING and LIMITING the public's access to non-drug therapies and medicines, a huge difference.

Recently, the FDA has been stepping up their suppresion campaign against colloidal silver because collodial silver works so well for such an enormous range of infective conditions.  Colloidal silver had been in common use before the FDA was even created in 1938. Under the Grandfather clause of its charter, anything on the market prior to the FDA could not be banned or controlled by the FDA. Not that the govt. pays any attention to its own laws when it doesn't suit their purposes, but I thought you'd like to know anyway. The FDA, by the way, did a TWELVE YEAR STUDY of colloidal silver and buried the report. They couldn't find anything wrong with it, but did find everything right about it.

 Very recently, CNN ran a story and photo of a businessman who is running for political office (senate seat I think) and he has blue skin. He off handedly told reporters that he made and drank collodal silver since 1999 and it turned his skin blue. I had a few people E mail me about that story, but I told them it's a setup. That man and his political 'campaign' is a sham to highlight his blue skin. It's a set up to scare people away from colloidal silver. Let me ask you a simple question based on logic: If you were SINCERELY running for a high political office and your skin had a blue tinge to it, would you not put on makeup and hide that blue skin? I can't think of anything that would make me appear more absurd and foolish than to be running around in the public with blue skin, yet that's what he's doing as if that were perfectly normal.

Anyway, Dr. Bob Beck always said that CS in ANY concentration is less toxic than water! It is not a drug. It is not a poisonous substance like drugs.  So don't be hoodwinked by the pharmaceutical representatives from the FDA.

We have a book called "Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic" that will tell you a great deal of useful info about CS. ($20 plus $5 for Priority mail with delivery confirmation). See the Products page

You can also visit this url and get much more info on CS.

Making your own CS is much easier and far less expensive than buying it, which you may not be able to do much longer if the FDA has their way.

Regards, Ken

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