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Ken Izdepski

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 Subject: ken izdepski,okay you have my hame and email adress,now mabey you can help me please.I'm a 48 yr.young paralized male service connected Vietnam and all,anyway you now know me well.nColodinal Silver is my  intrest.nI would really like to know how I may obtain this life giver so I'm told. How do I make it? nWhat type of equiptment do I invest to make my own?nPlease I really am intrested in CS can you help me please.nOh!forgot to mention,got cancer,been told this is a good cureall is that correct?? Sincerly 1971-1973 lib112 da-nang   Hope to hear from you soon again thank you for you time and response
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 Hi Ken,
 I'll paste in a url below that contains a ton of info about CS. You can make your own CS with our generator and get a really high quality CS. Read about it at the link mentioned below.
 Many people have noticed incredible results with colloidal silver, but there is no such thing as a Cure All or magic bullet. Everyone is different. Most people, however, do respond favorably to CS. I can't make any medical claims, but I've read many positive testimonials about CS from people with all kinds of health problems including cancer. Cancer mostly occurs because of emotional self poisoning and secondarily by bad diet and habits, such as smoking, or constant exposure to cancer causing things. CS info
 You can stop cancer by engaging in positive thoughts and detoxifying your mind and soul of negative feelings and thoughts about anything or anybody. Second, you clean up your diet and detox the crap out of your body, and "Voila!", cancer goes away. It's really SO EASY to get rid of cancer if you know what to do. It does not have to be expensive at all.
 You should read the Mind Body page and read how Martin Brofman cured himslef of late stage, terminal cancer using his MIND alone:
 The Mind-Body Connection:
 Your Body is the Mirror of Your Life by Martin Brofman
  Healing and Transformation by Martin Brofman
 To quickly detox the body and get things quickly turned around, use these three health products. You can read all the info about them at their respective web sites.
 Magnetic Clay
 Miracle II
 Magnetic Pinky rings and toe magnets
 For food, you should generally follow the Gerson diet ( ) until you are free of cancer and then look at a book by Peter D'Adamo called "Eat Right for Your Type". You should probably avoid meat after recovering from cancer, but fish is still OK.  Get Charlotte Gerson's latest book for home therapy from her web site. Read about the coffee enemas there and do it in adddition to taking baths with the products mentioned above. The Beck protocols and Bioelectric therapy have helped many and will only tend to speed things along.  It's cheap therapy, but works like gangbusters.
Beck Devices.
The Terminator:
Live in the now and talk about tomorrow, not yesterday. You will get a different energy and recover your health.
Keep me  posted.

Regards, Ken

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