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Killing Spiritual Connections


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Sent: Monday, July 15, 2002 6:28 AM
Subject: re show on alternative health medicine hosted by Alan Alda
 Hello Mr. Adachi,
  I had always admired Alan Alda, the actor, but I caught him on a show about alternative health approaches and smelled a rat. Virtually everything about alternative methods had a negative sub-text in spite of a gloss of objectivity. They particularly attempted to demolish chiropractors by featuring a good looking, articulate ex-chiropractor who dissed the field. They focused on the dangers of neck adjustment and nothing about all the successes chiropractors have had with treatments other than neck adjustments. Are you aware of this show? It was on PBS a few weeks ago. I think "they" got Alda--a sort of respected elder statesman-actor sort--to give credence to their defamation.


Mary J. Gavin,

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Sent: Monday, July 15, 2002 8:02 AM
Subject: Re: re show on alternative health medicine hosted by Alan Alda

 Hi Mary,
 Thanks for the info. They usually use a known celebrity to run a misdirect, misinfo scam. Alan Alda is notorious in this regard. I don't watch regular TV too much, but I remember seeing Alan in a 'documentary' (Nova ?) piece about Dreams and dreaming a few years ago and it was pure disinfo. They want to pooh pooh our spiritual connections and reinforce the mechanistic, chemical view of Life. So when we dream, according to Alda and company,  it's due to brain chemicals etc. and it's absurd to think that we have  astral bodies and project out of body during the dream state, etc.  Get it?  Kill the spiritual connection, that's their subliminal message.
 99% of TV shows are now designed to kill spiritual connections and keep us in competition with each other. All of the divorce courts, judge Judy, etc type shows are designed to keep people's emotions in an unloving, battling mode. Same with those disgusting Survival type shows and their various spin offs. Keep people betraying each other and survival of the fittest type of mindset. Game shows like the Weakest Link, same deal. Betray your brother.  It's so obvious.
 Regards, Ken


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