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A Letter From Anja Concerning the E-Y Chat Forum
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 From: "Anja Hey" <>
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 Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2002 3:43 PM
 Subject: pending membership of your yahoo email group
  Dear Ken,

 Since it will be rather difficult to decide from Yahoo details whether you like to have a person on your mailing group or not, I herewith offer some info on myself. I am Anja Heij, a capricorn so an earthy person, with a
practical spiritual website, available through the address below. The link "this week's article" does not work since I've recently come back from a vacation and still don't have inspiration since my marriage last vacation, but for the rest it all works including the previous articles. So you can check my out through my works and see if you like my presence on your list...or not ;-)

 Much love,


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From: "Editor" <>
To: "Anja Hey" <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2002 5:54 PM
Subject: Re: pending membership of your yahoo email group

Hi Anja,

Thanks for writing to the Big Bad Wolf. I appreciate your sincerity.

Please do not be disuaded from expressing your thoughts at the forum. My remarks were only intended for those very few individuals who lack respect, prefer to play games, or wish to be contentious. The follow who was dumped from the forum was given the opportunity to correct his course and fly staight and could have done so without losing face since I didn't intially address him individually, but he chose to engage me and question my
authority to moderate the forum.

He wanted to dance and assumed that feigning ignorance was the safest way to proceed. I gave his sincerity the benefit of the doubt by providing him with the definition of the expression "bully pulpit" which he obviously did not
understand based on the line of questions he was challenging me with. He was confusing that term with the verb "to bully" . Read his initial response to me to see if you agree with my assessment.

His ego was too inflated to admit that he misinterpreted the meaning of the expression bully pulpit and so he proceeds to pretend that he , "of course", knew the "official" definition of the term, BUT blah, blah, blah..He then
recasts the same line of challenging questions based on the verb "to bully". It was obvious at that point that he wanted to dance and he assumed that I would play his game. He was wrong.

I had/have no intention of debating him or anyone else who won't cooperate with me 100% and adhere to my guidelines after I lay them down. I made it simple and clear. He knew what to do with his truckload of articles. He
could have still gotten his stuff up there and satisfied my desire to stop his flooding of  the forum. He just had to cooperate. He chose to argue. So, I chose to ban him.

I never have a problem with people are are genuinely sincere and wish to be cooperative. I do have a problem, however, with wise guys who wish to manipulate me or my chat forum while pretending to be sincere. I'm not going to dance with anyone when it comes to the moderation of that forum. I'm going to manage it in a way that I feel will produce the most benefcial results for the majority of readers. That means sharing ideas and information that will help people in some capacity-not going back and forth with ego-driven contentious arguments. That's a huge waste of time for all involved.

As for the person who lashed out at me for doing such a "hateful" thing, well, read his other messages on the forum and you will see why I didn't bother answering him either. He likes to dance too.

I hope you can understand why I did what I did.

Sincerely,  Ken

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