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Looking for Trust in All the Wrong Places
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 I received your email and agree CS is a valuable asset. Your overall information seems very credible but before I jump in with both feet, so to speak, could you give me some information about yourself.  I 'd like to know a little about someone I believe in and do business with.


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 Hi Debra,

 I could tell about my academic background and you would likely be impressed, but the possesion of academic credentials never made a liar into a truth teller or a fool into a bright guy. The use of credentials as a gate pass to authority and trustworthiness never carried much weight in my book and I don't use them purposely. I would prefer people to make up their own minds and not depend on authority figues to do their thinking for them ( I'm not suggesting that's the case with you, just making a point). In fact, I wrote an article about this very topic a year or two ago. I gotta dig it out and repost it. Thanks for reminding me.

 There is so much good data available on the benefits of colloidal  silver (CS), it could fill a small library.  We assembled a compilation of articles and research reports in 1998 and called it Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic Vol. 1 & 2. . After reading those books, you would have a far greater knowledge about colloidal silver than most allopathic physicians, pharmacists and chemists combined. If you went to the CS edited index link that I included in the last newsletter, you could gain access to at least 13 articles by knowledgeable writers about the value of CS. The article by Peter Lindemann, "Colloidal Silver, A Closer Look", is top notch. No BS, no hype, just solid facts by a scientist who knows what he's talking about.

 I use to have literally hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials about how CS helped this condition or that, but I stopped posting them.  The FDA is gunning for anyone who makes claims or touts testimonials about CS. So we have to play a little cat and mouse game with the Federal Drug (Protection) Administration. You can read quite a bit off my web site and can learn even more if you obtain our CS book mentioned above. Many other people have also written excellent books in the past 2 or 3 years that really gives you the low down on the tremendous health benefits and germicidal abilities of CS. The govt. and pharmaceutical shill writers have also been busy trying to scare the public away from using CS with fraudulent scare stories about turning blue with argyria. We address the CS debunkers and their phony scare stories in our book.

 If you need more assurance, read the web articles and then get the book. Then buy a small atomizer and TRY IT and see for yourself how well it takes care of infections of all types, viral, baterial, fungal, etc. If you feel a sore thoat coming on and spray CS in your ears (and the back of your throat) every hour and plug with cotton, the cold or flu etc. will NOT develop. The sore, scratchy throat and the headache,etc. will be gone the next morning. I've experienced it first hand on dozens of occasions. It can do that and a whole lot more. Read and educate yourself about CS and it won't matter to you what my background is. You'll have discovered the truth for yourself and nothing is more empowering than that.

 Sincerely, Ken

Does Colloidal Silver Live up to Its Claim? (Feb 27, 2001)

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