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Nancy Leider of ZetaTalk
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 Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 8:21 PM
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 Hi Ken,

      I discovered all of this material a few weeks ago and have been devouring it since then.  I sent Nancy Leider an email in which I sought whether this was sincerity on her part because many people, myself included, will shortly have to make serious decisions about how to prepare for what she says, and others, is coming.  She replied in an insulting fashion, telling me to grow up.  Her analogy was that if you watch the weather and the weather man says it will rain, then you can't blame the weatherman if it actually rains. I find that a trivial answer to the question of this importance.  If you yell FIRE, then you are liable for the actions taken by those who listen to you.

      If these things don't happen, then she and you and the others need to be prepared for the backlash that follows.  All she had to do was say that she sincerely believed this was going to occur and that she was herself preparing for this by doing this and that.

      What do you think about her reply and what are you doing to prepare?

Bob Butler

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Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 3:13 AM
Subject: Re: Nancy Leider

Hi Bob,

What you need to appreciate is that Nancy Leider of ZetaTalk has been on the receiving end of incredulous skeptics since 1995 when she first started her web site. I've noticed that her fuse has grown shorter with each passing year. She used to be much more patient and tolerant of questioners such as yourself in earlier years, but one reaches a saturation point and the
patience is no longer there.

If I received as much negative mail as she has received for the past 7 years, I'd probably have little patience with anyone who even hinted at calling into question my sincerity or integrity. You, Bob, have just discovered this info, but we have been dealing with the 2003 story for a long time and have had this sort of discussion with hundreds and hundreds of skeptical people. Dealing with skeptics gets old after a while; and very annoying.

You need to re-examine the nature of the question that you posed to Nancy to understand her reaction.

You asked her if she was sincere (honest) in what she wrote. How would you react if someone asked you if you were sincere or honest about a subject -as serious as this - presented in a 7 year running public forum on the Internet (ZetaTalk)  and published in a book? Wouldn't you be somewhat miffed or at least annoyed with such a question? The question itself IMPLIES incredulity and the suspicion of dishonesty (of Nancy) on your part.  You don't know the woman. You've never talked to her before in your life and yet you come right out of the box in your very first letter to her impuning her sincerity. Can't you recognize that you invited a terse rejoinder because of the nature of your question? Can't you see that?

The other problem with your approach (or attitude) is that you have assigned some sort of huge responsibility to Nancy and I for the decisions that YOU must make. In this life, we are individually responsible for what we do or don't do. No one else is responsible for what you do, except YOU. You are under no obligation to read ZetaTalk or Coming Attractions. You are also under no obligation to believe one word from either source. The information is made available FREELY to you and to anyone else who cares to read it on the Internet. What you choose to believe, to accept, or to act upon is YOUR business entirely-and no one else's. It's a Free Will universe Bob. God intended it that way.

The old rube of yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is neither accurate nor true in this case. The attempt to parallel the two circumstances is ludicrous. A poor and weak analogy on your part.

Concerning preparations: if you invested some time reading Troubled Times (as I recommend in Coming Attractions) and read the messages at the Troubled Times chat forum, you would know exactly what Nancy and the other folks have been doing in the way of preparation for the past 7 years since all of their data is posted there.

So this really comes back to you Bob. Your attitude and assumptions when dealing with others pave the way for the reception you recieve. If we approach people with a demeanor of respect and a presumption of honor, then we usually obtain the cooperation and information we seek with far greater ease.

You asked for my opinion and I gave it to you. I hope you don't think that I'm implying anything derogatory about you in my answer. I wanted to explain to you so you would understand, but have no desire to offend you. We are all brothers and sisters in union with God. I sincerely believe that and wish the best for all of my brethren, human and otherwise. Dark Days may lay ahead, but the flame within your heart is the only light that you can depend on to illumnate your path. Stoke it daily.

God Speed and take care, Ken

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