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Preparing In Canada

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From: Coldmountain
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 3:01 AM
Subject: Coming Attracions

Hello Ken,
This is Otto From Vancouver, I have been re-reading your article Coming Attractions.

Well, just as hard to stomach it as the first time. Certainly everything point in the direction of world wide control  by the NWO and their buddies, the guncontrol, diseases, the scare tactics, political unrest and so on. It feels like we are living in a very interesting and exciting time and I feel like an outlaw that I prefer any time than be one of the millions of sheep they want to herd us into.
Hell, I never even liked any team sports, I used to be a gymnast (when I was young) I run mostly by myself, I practice martial arts,  I go out to the mountains alone and hunt, I know gunsmithing
and I do my own reloading and I don't like to be told what to believe. I think we will see soon how and what will come of it, just hope to be ready by that time.

The problem is they got most people by the balls for having to slave for a living, well I don't have a job, but business is slow and lack of  money can be dangerous, literally. I will be looking forward to read your newsletter and hope to keep  up with things to act or react quickly when need to.

My very best,

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To: Coldmountain
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 9:34 AM
Subject: Re: Coming Attracions

Hi Otto,

It's wisest to concentrate on learning food growing skills, especially in underground facilities (go to Troubled Times) , acquiring alternative health devices and networking with others who are aware of what's coming down the road. Free energy and water production/ purification will make it possible to survive.
They will eventually make cash illegal when they kick in the big stock market crash or terrorist scenario or whatever group of 'crisis' they string together and go to smart cards only, but people can still barter. They already have a bartering system based on earning points. It would be smart to get used to the system early.

 Trouble Times is focusing on short wave and ham radio for communications after the earth changes. That makes sense since land lines and satellites will be down. Interior rural areas will give you a better chance than big cities. All major cities will be controlled by military and that could mean winding up in detention camps. Also, mind control technologies will be focused on the big cities. (remember when 160,000 Iraqi troops surrendered just like 'that' in 1991 Gulf War because the military said they had some advanced "acoustic equipment" aboard their helicopters?
Well, that wasn't acoustic gear. That was mind control equipment that emits electromagnetic waves which penetrated concrete bunkers 700 feet below the surface. No acoustic device could possibly do that. Only three helicopters flying in locked formation can control an entire city with this mind control equipment. The govt has very advanced mind control technology.

Sincerely, Ken

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