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A Question From Sweet Aazzz
[Editor's Note: I guess I should be flattered. Apparently, my little kitchen-table web site is of such concern and national impact to the Felonious Feds that the Langley or NSA Boys feel compelled to waste taxpayers money on attempts to sabotage my computer by sending an almost continuous stream of virus laden "messages" every time I download mail. In order to tempt me to open one of these 'important' attachments, they try to lure with every subject heading under the sun. In addition to provocative subject headings, they have used the name and E mail address of someone I know, like Don Croft, as the 'sender'. That's a tip off right there that it's government hackers since they can over-ride the server. I don't really know if an ordinary computer hacker can send E mail using someone else's name and E mail address in the 'properties' file. Maybe someone can tell me if that's doable.

Anyway, we aren't talking about very sophisticated minds working at this endeavor (for some reason, the name "Wackenhut" springs to mind). They've used sexual bait for subject headers for quite a while and then switched over to science or health topics or to paranormal or NWO, etc.; whatever might work. And now, we get E mail from people like "Gabriel"  who want to dialog. The time worn Illuminati technique employed in order to use and compromise people is to engage that person in some area of temptation, with sex and money at the top of the list, and then use that evidence to blackmail that person. Brice Taylor repeatedly mentioned in her book, Thanks for The Memories, that high level politicians and heads of foreign states were always video taped and filmed in sexual debauchery and satanic rituals in order to guarantee their unending fidelity to the will of the 'Council'. Anyone who feels the urge to talk it with with 'sweet aazzz' should have a go at it and let me know if anything transpires...Ken Adachi]
July 18, 2002

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From: sweet aazzz <>
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 1:42 AM
Subject: re: bisexuality

Hi there! you have the most interesting site ive come across in a longtime! great work! I have a question -->> what do you think has contributed to the increase in bisexuality amongst females these days? i was just interested to know your thoughts on this subject. Alot of my female friends between the ages of 16-23 are bisexual or bi-curious. It seems as though it's becoming more and more acceptable nowdays.  I was wondering if this may be the result of mind-control or influences from the media/television with a definate intent...?  i dunno, just a thought. A form of population control? lol maybe not, but anywayz write back!


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