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Saving Florida Earthworms
[Editor's Note: There are a lot of talented and knowledgeable people who visit this web site. This man has an earthworm farm that's being decimated by a predatory flatworm, not native to his area. He wants to get rid of the flatworm and keep his earthworms. I'd love to make this one a class assignment. If you have the time and the insights to aid this man, I'd like to hear from you. I'm convinced of the unlimited capacity of the common man to create a solution to any problem when one removes the self imposed limitations and boundaries we place on ourselves. I await to hear from any and all who are ready to allow the creative forces to flow through them...
Ken Adachi] 

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 Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2002 5:20 PM
 Subject: Flatworms
Dear Ken,

I am an earthworm farmer that has been infested with land planarain flatworms,an exotic, introduced species of earthworm predators.There is no known control of these worms,and once they infest a worm bed,they eat all the worms, then they eat each other.Other farms in Florida have lost tons of stock due to these critters. Anything that kills flatworms ends up killing the earthworms.The only thing to do is to poison all the beds, and the surrounding property and start all over, something that I refuse to do.

You have a device that uses orgone energy to cure disease in humans, a Riech generator (?) or maybe I am confusing it with something else? Anyway,  it uses special frequencies to kill germs in the body. Do you think it could work on these planarians too? Any advice you could give me ?

I know I'm grasping for straws here, but think of it this way: civilisation depends on agriculture, agriculture depends on good fertile soil.  You don't have fertile soil without earthworms. If no control is found,these creatures could end up decimating all organic  farms.


Gregory Conner Brown
Vermicultural Engineer

Home of the world famous Yardworms!"

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Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 2:23 AM
Subject: Re: Flatworms

 Hi Greg,
 Glad you wrote. You have an opportunity to do something revolutionary here that could produce positive ripples in showing other people that NOTHING is impossible when it comes to controlling disease and disease producing organisms (or predatory competitors) if you possess enough knowledge about the nature of all living organisms. You're not grasping at straws at all. You're stepping outside of the systems' restrictive paradigm and trying to think independently and innovatively. That's what I like to see. People who are prepared to think for themselves and use their brains and could care less what the conventional wisdom or dogma or authoritarians say.
 The only control/eradication method that has been mentioned is the traditional MECHANICAL method such as you've suggested, but you can find a resolution with alternative methods without killing the worms you're trying to save. So let's talk:
 1.  Everything in Nature has its own Resonant Frequency. Single cell organisms like bacteria and virii have a very narrow band of resonant frequency. It may be a single frequency such as 880HZ of 8.8KHz . Simpler organisms have a lower resonant frequency and higher organisms have a higher frequecy plus a wider frequency band (a "width" or range of frequencies which cause the resonance action).  If you take a frequency signal generator and produce the resonant frequency of a particular bacteria and expose that bacteria to that energy, the bacteria will begin to literally oscillate with increasing intensity and momentum until the bacteria explodes. Naturally, all the similar bacteria of a given species that is exposed to that energy would respond the same way. They would all explode. This is what Raymond Rife did in the 1920's and 30's and viewed the entire spectacle under a special microscope he built called the Universal microscope. Everyone is familar with the shattering crystal glass responding to the soprano's high note ("Is it real or is it Memorex?"). This is what Rife Therapy is all about.
 Now just for discussion sake, lets say we find that the planarain flatworm had a different resonant frequency than the earthworms. You could introduce the resonant freq. of the flatworm into the bed and kill off the flatworms and not affect the earthworms. They won't have the exact same resonant frequency, but their individual resonant frequency BANDS may overlap each other and prevent you from doing what I'm suggesting.  If that was the case, then we can do something else. We can find something that the flatworm needs in its body to live and selectively destroy that something by tuning to ITS resonant frequency. In doing so, we can destroy that worm; assuming that the earthworm is unaffected by that selected frequency. That "something" could be an organelle within the flatworm, or an enzyme,  a bacteria it needs to live, etc.  That's one idea for using electronics.
 2. Another technique is using RADIONICS to create an environment that the earthworms love, but the flatwrom hates and it forces the flatworm to leave that environment.  Radionics is something that few people know about, but it works like gangbusters. I wrote a story about Ruth Drown, America's greatest Radionics innovator,  a couple of years ago.
 All living things have an energy field around them (aura) that extends outward into finer and finer frequency "fields". We all think that life starts from within, but the truth is the Life Force comes from without and goes INTO us via the aura and the vortex energy centers we call chakras. If you adjust and manipulate the 'outer' , fine frequency fields, you will affect the organism on the physical level (any organism, worm or man). In Radionics, we adjust and fix these outer frequency fields, sometimes called the Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF's) or the "morphogenetic fields" by Ruppert Sheldrake.
 I haven't given you any difinitive answers yet, just two ideas to get the ball rolling. You need to tell me much more about this worm, where it came from, why it was introduced to Florida, etc.,etc. What are its natural enemies in its native environment? etc.
 Let me know what you know about this worm and who would be an expert on it that I can contact. I need to know about its life cycle, etc.
Regards, Ken

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