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Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2002 8:54 AM
Subject: Hi Ken

Hi Ken ..

Just writing to tell you about my cloudbuster and how much better things are here where I live. Blue skies.. big puffy clouds.. peace of mind in knowing that I am doing something positive. I am glad people look at this site.. just remember everyone.. you are in control of you future..

Yes the future .. our future .. your future ..  My thoughts on that:

1) Know what you MAY be up against.. Keep your eyes open.. Welcome new info.. Digest it and keep what resonates within you as being true.. Accept challenges to your ' world view' .

2) Know your higher self.. For me, it is that tingle within me, sort of like a spinning vortex of love or whatever.. it feels great.. Sometimes I can feel it, and then I think of all of the wonderful things in my life that I love and the wind will whip up around me.. That is God for me.. It is personal thing.. Everyone has something that is real and true.. You will know it when, and if, you feel it. It is very real if you let yourself feel it!

3).  Have a plan or vision...
Not having a life or future view or plan, is a plan.. Your plan is then decided for you by someone else - by those that you LET control your life.. This is ok. if you choose to live this way.. not choosing to know this is happening is a choice, even though it is subconscious in most cases.. Sticking to what is commonly accepted as true without a thought of challenge is a choice... a choice to have one's future and one's thoughts, opinions, values, etc, decided by others.  That is ok, but don't go blaming
someone else if this does not work out as you like.. You let it happen!

4). Please don't be a victim.. Act like a victim and you are sure to be victimized!   Take control of YOUR life !!

5)  Remember.. We descend, pretend and then ascend.. Meaning.. when we are born, we descend to earth.. While here we pretend to be disconnected from the 'source' and most lose track of their godliness!  (the answer is to pretend or act like Jesus - or whoever you worship-- soon you will be closer to that ideal!)  When you die you ascend back to the source -- where you then plan out your next life or experience and reflect on you life here on earth.. We were not put here to eat, crap, fornicate, work, sleep and die.. We were all put here to make humanity more 'humane' and make this a better place to live -- to love all.. after all, we are all connected.. All part of the same being.. Let's not go back to sleep and let others make decisions about YOUR LIFE.. it is too important!


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