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The Tyranny of Ron Garon
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I don't know how highly you rate Pam Schuffert, but just for your information here is some news about how she and Ron Garon are managing their new messageboard, which was supposedly begun to restore the freedom provided by the apfn message board until a few months ago when it was apparently hijacked by censorious parties yet unknown.

Now you may resort to the hardcore libertarian position: well it's  their board and they can run it however they please. If so, you might as well disregard the rest of this report.

Garon recently announced that certain frequent posters would henceforth  be banned from the board because they had "impersonated" him and he did not believe their apologies were sincere. His message is right there at the beginning if you want to read it.

As soon as I read this I posted a criticism of Garon's policy, comparing it to the notorious torture and execution of alleged heretics by the  lately alleged champion of protestant reform John Calvin. I wish I had saved what I wrote, but I really didn't suspect Garon would delete it, too. But he did.

Apparently he and Schuffert are really no different than whoever is running the apfn board, deleting at their pleasure whatever messages offend them.

This may be of little or no interest to you. But if it does interest you, and if you are a supporter of Schuffert, what do you think about this practice, and what can be done to expose it?

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 Well, I can't second guess their motives, since I don't know enough of the details here. However, I find Pam's information to be compelling and of sufficient merit to post at my web site. Ron and Pam's personal picadillos are less important an issue, than the info they are trying to get out.
 Why don't you tell me who you are (your real name) for openers and why this is upsetting you so much. I'm ready to listen to what you have to say, if  you're ready to identify yourself and state your case.
 Regards, Ken

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 Subject: Re: messageboard
Thanks for your prompt reply.

What is a "real name?"

I am a 56 year old white male, born in the USA and hold a bachelor's degree from a respectable private university. I have been a Christian for about 30 years. I have been married once, divorced once, about the same time I became a Christian.

I have only been following current events for about 10 years. It is a poor consolation for Christian fellowship bearing good fruit, which I fear is non-existent in today's world. I judge current events by my knowledge of the

I do not believe in evolution, or socialism, or any of the other offspring of scientific materialism.

When I checked the Americanholocaust message board a few moments ago, Garon's announcement was no longer there. One of the banished renegades is continuing to post.

This message board is not for Garon's and Schuffert's opinions, but for their readers'.

The reason their petty tyranny upsets me is because it is just another example of the hypocrisy that is endemic in Americans at every level.

Hypocrisy is antithetical to communication, without which we are all doomed to perish each in our own little cage of sin.

It really doesn't matter if Garon's censorship upsets me: he didn't waste any time deleting my hostile message without explanation.

The pertinent question is does it upset you?

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Subject: Re: messageboard

 Dear Anonymous,
 Do you define yourself by your age, marital status, or academic credentials instead of your name?
 That should tell you something right there Mr. Anonymous. You are AFRAID to identify yourself.
 You need to ask yourself why. Fear does have its 'limitations' you know.
 And this is sort of interesting:

 " It really doesn't matter if Garon's censorship upsets me: he didn't waste any time deleting my hostile message without explanation."
 You say a lot here, more than the words themselves:
 1. For someone standing on a soapbox railing against hypocrisy, you need to look in a mirror.
 2. This obviously matters to you otherwise you wouldn't keep writing to me about it.
 3. What would you expect him to do with a hostile message about him on HIS chat forum? Frame it?
 4. Does he really have an obligation to explain to you WHY he's deleting your message? Does he need your permission?
 To answer your pertinent question, no, I'm not upset at all about Ron's Garon's chat forum censorship. It's his forum and he can censor it or moderate it in any way he pleases. His readership will grow, limit itself, or dwindle depending on his stewardship. It's a self limiting thing. Requires no outside intervention (sure wish Chimpy would learn that).
 You could have your own chat forum. If you are so interested in having the world read YOUR messages, hostile or otherwise, then it's very easy to start a chat forum. Takes about 5 minutes or so to set one up. So, what are you waiting for?
 Haven't got Garon's readership you say?
 Well, he EARNED that Mr. Anonymous. It didn't come down from heaven. He earned it through the work invested in building up his web site over many, many months.
 So again, Dear Anonymous, my FINAL rhetorical question for you is:
 What are you waiting for?
 Regards & Sayonara, with Peace, Love, and a total absence of hostility against Garon, you, or anybody else,

 I am Sincerely Yours,  Ken Adachi

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