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The Visual Ray & Ed
The Skeptic Who Came in Halfway From the Cold
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From: Ed
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 9:48 AM
Subject: Visual Ray article needs some further info (Alien encounter possibility)

Hi there,

I enjoy reading your website... Although I have some new info you might want to add..

Please read my post to the cloudbuster newsgroup I wrote today. A few days I was very skeptic and didn't believe anything about cloudbusting, chemtrails, etc on your website.. But these experiences below changed that completely:

Perhaps you can make some slight addition to the articles that concern this..


The Netherlands

Here is the message in full:
Hi there,

I was the one who wrote the "I am skeptic" message some days ago..
After reading you replies I wasn't convinced yet..

I decided to do some experiments..
I tried the Visual Ray casting and was very much amazed that it worked.. I even recorded it on my digital camera.
Is everybody able to cast visual rays or only some people ?

I think the article on is missing some very important information..
For one, it doesn't state anything about potential health hazards, like overloading orgone or even DOR or worse..
Secondly, it doesn't state that aliens will come and visit you !

That's exactly what happened to me.. I had busted two or three clouds that day and must have changed the orgone envelope in the sky in such a way that the aliens could track me. That evening, when I was about to drive home from my parent's place, I was talking to my father. I decided to go and we looked over the land in to watch the sun go down.. Then I saw a strange white-blueish light I had never seen before. It flashed very irregular with large intervals. I focused on it, but couldn't see a plane... The light was moving from the right to the left. Just when I thought: Well, it's just a plane something strange happened. The light changed course and started to make strange vertical movements.. After that it got really wild as it lights up on many different vertical positions, just like it's bungy-jumping or something like, writing a long WWW-trail in the sky. This happened at such a velocity and acceleration that it just couldn't be a native airplane.. I concluded it was a UFO and was thrilled and also afraid to see it..

When I got home, I discovered my brother had been casting visual rays also with success. He told me, with a pale face, he had seen some strange things, even before I could tell him what I had seen.. While he was busting a cloud, two very, very dark clouds started to move (not minding the direction of the wind) and accelerated to an enourmous speed, diving down, joined together and disappeared miles farther behind other clouds.. Because of this accelartion and speed he was frightened that perhaps a Reptilian or B.Sirrian aircraft must have hidden behind it and perhaps they wanted to hid from his visual ray ?

Well, anyway, those were two frightening experiences and we decided to not use our visual ray that often anymore..
On the other hand, we are convinced of the validity of Don Croft's articles now.. We already built a HHG and will start working on a CloudBuster soon..

I just read the article on and checked the messages to see what you know about it.. I have the feeling we (if I may speak of "we") are not the group he describes there. I believe we/you are not narrow-minded, agressive people.. On the other hand, I think his article is very interesting and shows that there might be a problem here.. Also read this one:

I think we should at least document carefully where the Croft-Cloudbusters are being set up and monitor closely the possible changes in the atmosphere and the falling-dry of land.. We should definitely stay open minded and if problems do arise from using our cloudbuster, we will have to find a solution for it, i.e. strategical placing of the cloudbuster or other solutions..

I am not fully convinced yet of the chemtrails and of the alien domination of our world leaders.. On the other hand, all other unbelievable things in Don Croft's articles seem to be true, even up to the alien encounters he had.. I do think the chemtrails are possible, but I also don't think we can claim all new health problems on the chemtrails.. There are also other factors that can't be overlooked (i.e. our extreme refined carbohydrate and vegetable oil consumption is causing a lot of diseases).

The next questions we have to ask is:
* Are we 100% certain the Wingmakers are the good guys ? (or is all the advice whispered into Carol Croft dreams to be taken for granted).. I think so, but we can't be 100% sure.. Perhaps they are friendly now and in the end turn 180 degrees to get even a lot worse than the reptilians..
* If the (not saying so) Croft-cloudbustes, operating on a 100%-duty cycle are causing drought and atmospherical disturbances, should we stop it or should we continue it because the Reptilian/Sirrian threat is bigger ?
* Should we not investigate Wilhelm Reichs books further before we all start/continue cloudbusting ? I think Reich has many good points (among others the criteria for cloudbuster-operators), that are also presented in the article on .. We can't just disregard all of his info and just believe we're doing the good thing.. I think we should strive for a friendly-relation with orgonelabs's webmaster James DeMeo and for a more scientific approach.. I have great respect for DeMeo's work and he is very open minded. If we can proof it doesn't affect droughts or perhaps that it does, we will make a lot better impression..
* One practical question: Do you know exactly the difference between the Reich-buster and the Croft-Buster.. Perhaps the Croft-buster only attracts DOR, while the Reich-buster does both ? Or does the Croft-Buster attract all orgone + dor and converts the DOR back to orgone ?
* Another practical question: I read this very interesting article by James DeMeo about Oranur and the possible use of cloudbusters to counteract nuclear attacks: . How does the Croft-Buster affect Oranur ?

I think I will wait with the building of the CloudBuster until some of these issues are resolved..

Please, again, like last message ("I am a bit Skeptic"), this is not an attack of some kind. These are the thoughts of an openminded but critical 24-year old student from The Netherlands.. Please let me know what you think of these issues..


The Netherlands

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