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What Religion Would You Say You Believe In?

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From: Dave
Sent: Saturday, May 25, 2002 6:30 AM
Subject: Question?

Mr. Adachi,
     My name is David Raney and I look at your site almost every time I am surfing the web . I also recommend it to

almost everyone I talk to that surfs the net. The thing is, I read a book by Timothy Leary entitled "The Millennial

Deception" Angel, Aliens & the Anti-Christ." To quote you from your Mind Body site, you say; You are a part of God

and God is a part of you. My question is do you believe the bible to be the Word of God? If not what religion would

you say you believe in? I ask this because I do recommend your site to so many people. You have some very good

insights in a lot of other directions, but I'm not sure where you stand on your belief in God as our Lord and Savior.

I would like to know if you really think we have been here on earth many times before. To me this goes

against believing the bible to be the Word of  God. It doesn't speak of reincarnation.

Thanks for your time, I'll understand if you prefer not to respond back, Dave

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From: Editor
To: Dave
Sent: Saturday, May 25, 2002 1:02 PM
Subject: Re: Question?

Hi Dave,

Great letter. Thanks for writing.

Leary said a lot of interesting things, but he was also working for the covert intelligence agencies and his job was to encourage drug use and disinform the populace in order to bring about the disintegration of the spiritual and family strength of the American people. He may have been an unwilling participant, as most of their stooges are, but he was an agent for them none the less. So I wouldn't look upon him as my highest source of inspiration concerning spiritual truths.

Concerning the modern bible, if you are a person who acquired your belief system based on what you heard in church from fundamental Christian preachers, then an emotional button is going to get pushed when I say no, I don't think the bible is the written word of God. I'm quite convinced that the bible is the written word of men, human beings. The contents of the modern bible have been sifted, filtered, altered, truncated, edited, abridged, and dedacted depending on the political agenda of different power groups over the centuries. The historical documentation of this is voluminous and undeniable. Does that mean that the bible is of no value? No, it's a source of tremendous wisdom and spiritual truths, but it's not 100% true from beginning to end. There are distortions and omissions throughout. Do I need the bible to believe in the message of Christ? No. Jesus' own words are enough for me and I don't need the 'clarification or elaboration' pushed upon us by organized relegion. "The Kingdom of God is within" That's what He said and that's what He meant.

The bible used to speak of reincarnation in the Book of Jubilees, but that part of the bible was removed after the Council of Nicea in 323 AD. I wonder why?

Concerning what religion I believe in, I kind of like the line quoted from the Dalai Lama. When asked by a reporter he said: "I believe in the religion of being kind"

Peace and God Bless, Ken

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