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Worried About Planet X

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 Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 10:00 PM
 Subject: planet x?
 Hello Ken,

I got your website info from kenya from the tree of life show on  I am struggling with this planet x thing, basically if it's for real or not.  Do you happen to have any hard evidence this event is going to occur next May?  Any comments or insight you might have would be much appreciated for me and my family.

Also, what do you think is going to happen to Bush and his administration?

Sincerely, Chris

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Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 8:10 PM
Subject: Re: planet x?

 Hello Chris,
Are you in America or Africa?

I've expressed my thoughts in my synopsis called "Coming Attractions" which is linked ot the top of each page on my web site. Read it thoroughly and see if it resonates with you .
I have no way of knowing if it's going to happen until it happens, but my overall feeling is that yes, this event will likely occur in 2003.  Read my info on Al Bielek as well.
Tell me about the Tree of Life show out of Kenya? and a radio program? Had no idea.
Bush and company will go forward with the planned Illluminati agenda to destroy and enslave America and the last stronghold of freedom loving people who still reside here. I know the Bush bloodline is 50% Reptillian, but I think the one in the white house is actually a clone, not the original.
Keep me posted.
Sincerely, Ken

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 Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 11:06 PM
 Subject: Re: planet x?
I am in America.  The tree of life is an online radio show broadcast by  It's on channel 5, rainbow soul, but airs randomly and is hard to catch.  Kanya is the name of the host of the show.

 I had never heard of Al Bielek before, but the article was very interesting. D id they really posses time travel abilities in the past?  Hard to believe.

All this information (planet x, the reptilians, 9/11 attacks, time travel,  the nwo, the illuminati, etc, etc) is seriously hard to process.  Could it all be real?  I want to know the truth to everything.  What can we an Americans do to protect ourselves from their agenda??

My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy!


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Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 1:52 AM
Subject: Re: planet x?

 Hi Chris,
 OK, now I've got the story.
 Yes, I know it's a lot to take in at once if you're just reading about it  for the first time. I've been reading about it since 1995 and I've often  thought "where have I been all my life?". I was totally in the dark, but the vast majority of the population was and IS in the dark even today, although
there's been an "awakening" of human consciousness going on for the past 7  years or so- and it's accelerating all the time. So, it was time for many of  us to "wake up".
 No one can or should try to convince you of anything. You have to decide for yourself what you think is true. I would remind you of what I mention at the beginning of "Coming Attractions": to prepare yourself spiritually first and then work on physical preparations after that. We are spiritual light beings wearing a suit of clothing that we call the human body. You will discover that you are as much "alive" after you leave your body as you are while still within the body. There is nothing to fear from death, but remaining alive in order to serve others is the fastest way to advance on the soul  plane and you can only make that sort of rapid advancement while still in a physical body. Once you find yourelf on the Other Side, it's a pleasant place to be, but you can't advance in Spirit
development at the same pace as here.
 If these great ctaclysmic changes occur next year, then life is going to be very difficult for about 15 or 20 years afterwards, but it will eventually come to an end and I think it's going to be a very wonderful planet to live on during the rebuilding stage. The NWO types  will have to incarnate on
other planets and this one will be reserved for the "meek" and caring folks,  just like Jesus said in the Bible.
 Go to the Mind-Body page and read it. Then get some of the books I mention, expecially those by Paramahansa Yogananda. Learn to love your brother and forgive your enemies. Hold no malice in your heart and be truthful in all things. Keep your word and learn to meditate. Peace, strength, and harmony will come to you and you won't be so anxious or worried.
 You can protect yourself and resist the NWO through your rmind and your thought processes. Read the article by Rich Work on how to break up chemtrails.
 Go back to the revised intro of Coming Attraction and read the info about Geroge Green and the 3 small books he puts out. The answers lay there.
 Don Croft (see is doing incredible things with a technique to drop 'love bombs' on the Bad guys who are trying to enslave us and kill us off. He calls it the "Succor Punch".  It's unbelieveable what he's achieving! Another woman psychic I know is  fighting the negative ET's employing a Tibetan Diety named Vadjrakilaia .  Same deal there, she's getting fantastic results!
 The Bad guys (and their alien overlords) feed on fear and negativity. Fighting them with anger and rage is exactly what they want, since they get  STRENGTH from that. On the other hand, you completely unhinge them by  smothering them with love. Works every time. They hate it.because they begin  to soften and see the errors of their ways and start to move back towards  God and towards thoughts of mercy and kindness and away from Satan-and these  are Satan's troops!
 Get it?
 We collectively stop their madness with LOVE. We learn to bring God into our daily lives and love our brothers everyday. We stop hurting other people or taking advantage of them and extend ourselves to those who need our help, without judging them. We behave towards others the way Jesus would have  behaved if He was in our shoes. If you belive this is Polly Ana or unrealistic, then you limit yourself with that belief and you cut yourself off from the creative source of your Divine nature. We are and can do what we BELIEVE are are and what we can do. That's the Law of Cause & Effect.
 Peace, Ken

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