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Madrid Assassinations - Who Did It?
March 12, 2004

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From: Charles
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 9:53 AM
Subject: Madrid assassinations - who did it?

Hi Ken,

I have been reading your site for quite some time and am happy that it exists so that 'common' people can access to true information.

Who has 'organized' the Madrid assassinations and why? It happened 10 days before the spring equinox. 9/11 happened 10 days before the autum equinox. Three consecutive blasts occured just as in 9/11 - two planes into NY and one into Washington DC.

The Spanish government has positioned itself as pro Bush wars. Anything to do with it?

Has David Icke already voiced an opinion about maybe a ritual murder? (cf Kennedy, Diana)

I do not expect an e-mail answer but would assume you publish something ont the subject which I will pick up as I systematically read

Thanks for consideration


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From: Editor
To: Charles
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 10:21 PM
Subject: Re: Madrid assassinations - who did it?

Hi Charles,

I don't have any inside info on the Madrid train bombing, but the fact that the media immediately blamed Al Queda for it throws up the red flags. My intuition tells me that it's an Illuminati orchestration in a country that typically we don't hear much about. I really don't know how savvy the average Spaniard is concerning the NWO agenda, but they are certainly familiar with fascism and presumably admire King Juan Carlos, who is Illuminati, as are all royal families.

Of course, there is a strong segment of the Spanish population who are liberal and reject the royalists, as was demonstrated in the Spanish Civil War, which was an especially viscious civil war.

I haven't checked David Icke's web site yet, but I'm convinced he will post some interesting info on the bombings. Perhaps someone will send something interesing my way as well. Jeff Rense has linked to an article that suggests the bombing may be a Mossad operation. The Mossad, by coincidence, was the first group to pop into my head when musing about which intel group was behind the bombing (

Thanks for your patronage. I'm always surprised to hear that my little kitchen table operation here can draw so many loyal readers. Amazing, really.

Sincerely, Ken


The Train Bombing in Madrid (Mar. 13, 2004)



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