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Avoiding a Marriage Licence And Still Be Legally Married
November 28, 2008

Avoiding a Marriage Licence And Still Be Legally Married (ov. 28, 2008)

Subject: Marriage and Birth Certificates
From: Julie
Date: Fri, November 28, 2008
To: Ken Adachi

I briefly read about this, what I want to know is do you have the name of a book that helps you draw up your own certificates? I figure you can just draw up your own documents and record them with the county clerk. Any information you have about how to create these docs, laws to review or latin "phrases" I should be aware of, please let me know. I already have children and a marriage license and I would like to undo what I did, thankyou.



Hi Julie,

I don't specialize in this. I do know you don't need a marriage licence to get married, even though the state or city says you do. You get married with a church or Justice of the peace and you show that to the county recorder and tell them you're married. Perhaps you'll have to go to court and establish the facts in front of a judge to get a court order saying you're married. I don't know the details of the procedure.

Do a search under "redemption" and see what comes up.

I'll post your note. Someone will respond.


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