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Marvin Smith: "your information was placed in my residential mail box"
June 18, 2009

Marvin Smith: "your information was placed in my residential mail box" (June 18, 2009)

Subject: your information was placed in my residential mail box
Date: Thu, June 18, 2009 8:58 am
To: Ken Adachi

I want to make you aware that information (a piece of paper with no postmark) regarding your website was placed in my private residence mail box
(Massachusetts) sometime within the last 24 hours. Are you aware that it is illegal to open a residential mail box? I have reported this incident to my local police department. I have also notified local postal authorities. Both the police and US postal service have copies of the paper you put in my mail box. Just wanted you to be aware that you are not welcome to place propaganda in my mail box. Shame on you.

Marvin Smith


From Ken Adachi
PO Box 3046
Costa Mesa, CA 92628
Tel: 949-544-1375

June 18, 2009

Dear Marvin Smith,

I don't doubt that it's illegal to open a mailbox, but since I had nothing to do with the act to which you refer, why do you write to me and accuse me of being responsible for that?

I have not given instructions to anyone to take information that is printed off my web site and have that placed in anyone's mailbox.

I post information to my WEB SITE ONLY. I have no control over individuals who may print information from my web site --of their own volition--and distribute it in some manner. I am not responsible for the acts of others, especially of those of whom I am not even aware of, and have given no authority to do anything in my name.

If you will provide me with the name and address of the police and postal authorities to whom you have sent your complaint, I will notify them of my non-involvement in this act to which you claim that I committed when you said:

"Both the police and US postal service have copies of the paper you put in my mail box. "

You accuse me of putting something in your mailbox when I'm sitting here in California, 3,000 miles away from you!

If you will provide me with your home address, I will also send you a letter confirming that I was not responsible for, nor did I give permission, nor did I request that anyone place any such information in your mailbox; as I have no idea who you are, nor where your mailbox might be located, other than the information that you provided here that you live in Massachusetts.

For the time being, I will post your letter to my web site, along with your name and e-mail address, and allow this publication to serve as a PUBLIC NOTICE to you (since I don't know your home address) that I am not responsible for whatever information that was placed in your mailbox.

(In the interim, maybe you should look into booking an appointment with a mental health clinic in your area. Perhaps you have too much time on your hands and find yourself engaging in activity that some people might characterize as "unproductive")

Ken Adachi, Editor


From: Mary Smith <>
To: ken Adachi
Subject: Re: your information was placed in my residential mail box
Date: Jun 18, 2009 7:12 PM

This is to notify you that I am turning this email in to my local police department. I have been advised to inform you that I do not wish to receive any further communication from you and any further communication will be considered harrassment and legal action will be pursued. At the suggestion of the United States Postal Service, I am pursuing legal action regarding your information placed in my private mailbox.



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