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Letters to The Editor

Matthew Claptrap
June 23, 2004

Subject: Matthew- claptrap.
From: "Little Buddha" <>
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 2:59 pm

I have the highest regard for your website, but was incensed at the 18th June 2004 article 'Message from Matthew' How could you post this material on your site when it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense not to detect that the articles and Matthewbooks website is a money scam.

It borrows ideas from 2012, E.T. Ascension etc all of which cannot be substantiated yet is all over the internet in the last few years. Jose Argulle's is making good money by exploiting people's imagination and stupidity as is Gordon Michael Scallion with their over priced merchandise, just to give you an idea of these frauds perpetuated in the name of Ascension, Earth Changes and the coming of 2012 and the end or beginning of 'A New Cycle' blah blah blah...
Remember the fuss made about Y2K? and what happened- Zero!

I am not ignorant to what is happening in the world and that there are real challenges ahead of us all, but it is certainly not about Ascension and the changes of Light bodies, all this is just a diversion. Has anyone come forward with any proof that their DNA has changed and become what they are claiming? The answer is NO.

I have emailed Matthewbooks and gave them a decent telling off as they deserve, how can anyone exploit a dead son in the name of Ascension? What utter clap trap.

If you continue to post that type of material then I can only conclude that you are either misguided or capable of leading the blind into ditches.

Regards, no nonsense bullshit.

Lionel Dass.

Subject: Re: Matthew- claptrap.
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 3:42 pm
To: "Little Buddha" <>

Hello Lionel,

Bravo, bravo.

Of course, there's no point in challenging such seamless logic. You've nailed this one down tighter than a drum. Congradulations.

I capitulate totally to your superior position.

Why couldn't I see it all before? I've been such a fool.

I'll be forever in your debt.

Warm Regards, Ken

Subject: More Fraud.
From: "Little Buddha" <>
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 3:33 pm

Ken please be careful about the info that ZS Livingstone is sending you, I suspect that you are been mislead. The Order of Melchizedek is elitist and secretive, the people behind The Urantia Book is another fraud and guess who's name keeps cropping up in TUB- Yes The Order of Melchizedek.

All this stuff about Slyph's gives me cause for concern, It reminds me of the claims made regarding Lenticular clouds that UFO's hid inside of them, well we know that is not the truth of the matter and was just someone's idea to capture the imagination of the New Agers/ UFO idiots to buy into the idea and the Books. See what I mean.

Be careful about these jokers, I am an honest man who is only interested in the truth, I have had rude emails from Val Valerian- Leading Edge website - An elitist site, Acharya S as well just because they refuse to answer simple questions and have a hidden agenda of their own, amongst others that I could tell you about.

I still have the emails if you want proof that these incidents have occurred. Anyway I took the time to let you know and there is no malice on my part towards these individuals. As far as I am concerned if the sheep want to be led let them.

You wouldn't believe how stupid the average Brit is here in the U.K. They believe that Al- Qaiuda did 911. And they believe the war on terrorism is real and not fabricated. All those years of been bombed by the IRA and they still don't get the picture. Are these people ready for Ascension? I don't think so even if they knew what it is or how it may come about.

Personally there is so much hogwash been published that very few can discern what is truthful and what is not. I have been fooled myself in the past but have become much better at sniffing out a fraud.

Regards, Lionel Dass.

Subject: Re: More Fraud.
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 3:50 pm
To: "Little Buddha" <>

Hello Lionel,

Thanks again. I appreciate your point of view.

Sincerely, Ken

Subject: Fw: Matthew- claptrap.
From: "Little Buddha" <>
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 4:12 pm

Hello Ken,

Thank you for your reply, I am not sure how to take your reply as it comes across as facetious. Can you please explain what you mean or imply? If you can't be troubled to give a decent explanation why reply? And if you agree with what I commented about why post the item?

Regards, Lionel.

Subject: Re: Fw: Matthew- claptrap.
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 4:20 pm
To: "Little Buddha" <>

Hi Lionel,

I appreciate your point of view even if I don't agree with it.

Lighten up and have some fun. Life is too short to take it so seriously.

Sincerely, Ken

Subject: Fw: Fw: Matthew- claptrap.
From: "Little Buddha" <>
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 4:42 pm

Hi Ken,

If you are running a responsible website, how are you able to allow this material to be posted. Please don't patronise me with the usage of the term 'lightening up' I take it that you are quite happy to put articles onto your website and couldn't care less about the affect that it could have especially bad channelled work. Oh I forgot only those stateside have all the answers and feel arrogant enough to patronise those who seek a simple response. I should have known and to think all these years I have been recommending others here in the U.K. to pay your site a visit.

Well I guess you have just put paid to that idea. If you can't answer my emails without your patronising attitude then why bother?


Subject: Re: Fw: Fw: Matthew- claptrap.
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 5:09 pm
To: "Little Buddha" <>

Hello Lionel,

Whether you read my site or recommend it is up to you. The info is free for all. Take it or leave it. It's your choice.

I respond to you because your arrogance and self assured opinions make it an awfully tempting opportunity to have some fun. If you choose to take it with rancor and bruised feelings, so be it. That's your deal, not mine. It's still your choice.

Siaonara, Ken


Subject: Fw: Fw: Fw: Matthew- claptrap.
From: "Little Buddha" <>
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 5:37 pm

Hi Ken, thank you for responding to my arrogant and self assurred opinions, I wonder who is arrogant and self assured here, seeing as how you decided to have some fun with me, when I was only trying to point out some concerns about the article.

You have not even bothered to answer my original query, why not I wonder?

It seems that you may have misunderstood my intentions and yes I am self assured, you have to be in this dirty little business when it comes to outing sites which are nothing but fronts for editors egos and brown nosers. I will do a little more digging as you now have taken the bait and I know what your game is. One thing that exposes you and others like you is that you cannot discern a genuine person. That is because you are either a fool or a liar.

If you intend to come back, why don't you try and type more than a few lines or is that beyond your capacity. Remember you started this crap.


Subject: Re: Fw: Fw: Fw: Matthew- claptrap.
Date: Thu, June 24, 2004 1:47 pm
To: "Little Buddha" <>

Hello Lionel,

OK, last retort:

You were not pointing out some things of concern as you innocently posture, but rather you were BELLOWING your negative opinions-in a mostly crude and vulgar manner-about authors that I feature at my web site, and whom I respect.

I haven't spent more than a few lines with you or written a long response to your statements because your bombastic opinions don't DESERVE more attention than that.

I haven't misunderstood your intentions at all. I can see your intentions-and your mind set-very clearly. Your paranoia is self evident when you allude to "this dirty business" and "you now have taken the bait and I know what your game is".

I have no difficulty in discerning a "genuine" person. I will gladly concede that you are a "genuine person". I will also concede that you are a gas bag and a twit who pummeled me with his unsolicited assessments of people I hold in respect and INVITED the response you got.

Your 15 seconds are 'over and out' pal.

Final Sionara, Ken

PS: Actually, you started this thread in case you've lost sight of the fact that YOU contacted ME.
PPS: Get a life... "Little Buddha" indeed.

Subject: Re: Fw: Fw: Fw: Matthew- claptrap.
From: "Little Buddha" <>
Date: Thu, June 24, 2004 2:12 pm

Hi Ken,

I am explaining myself to Suzy at this present time and will get back to you soon. She has taken the time to tell me how she feels about my emails and she deserves my respect for that. At least she took the time to write constructively to me and is at least polite about my comments, but I will have to explain to her why I launched into such a venomous attack about her sons info. So I am not such a hard case as you have concluded.

The 'Little Buddha' name came about when I had to have an email address and at the time I was immersed into many aspects of Buddhism, so the name can be quite misleading to others and make people even more angrier especially if they receive one of my broadsides.

I apologise if I have upset you, you still have a good website despite my opinions. I am prepared to expose anyone and anything if I feel strongly about it.

The webmaster at www.crawford2000 removed an article by a character calling himself Robert Ghost Wolf ,who was plagiarising the work of authentic authors and had no right to do so, the webmaster stated that it was important to get the info out there and I said at what cost to the original authors? He agreed with me and pulled the item off his site.

Take care, Lionel Dass.

Subject: Why such Malice Ken.
From: "Little Buddha" <>
Date: Fri, June 25, 2004 3:35 pm

Hello Ken, I did not realise that you had posted the emails regarding 'Matthew Claptrap' onto your site as a thread. I never gave you my consent to do so, nor was I aware that it had been done. I now can see why you continued to email me as you wished to get some mileage out of the whole issue. Shame on you to have sunk so low in the name of Truth. Suzy should be aware that you have malice in your heart and perhaps she should avoid your site like the plague.

I do not mind communicating in the public forum when the playing field is level, but you play dirty. I had no idea that you had done this as I have not visited your site until I received 2 emails today, one for and one against my comments. If you continue to use the type of heading above my emails as if to insinuate your own hidden agenda, then so much more the fool that you undoubtedly are. And to think you call your website 'Educate Yourself' Well it seems quite clear to me at least that you may be the one that requires educating. How could you of posted the last email that I sent to you when I stated to Suzy that I would keep this matter out of the public domain. You have embarrassed her without realising so. You have no idea about how to respect others, your blinded by your own sense of right and wrong from the lowest level of all.

You Jackass.

Lionel Dass

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