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The May 21 Rapture

From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 20, 2011

The May 21 Rapture (May 21, 2011)

AM talk radio has been mentioning the brain washed and hypnotized individuals who've been predicting that tomorrow will be the Great Rapture, followed by the End of the World in October of this year. I heard someone call into Coast to Coast radio show about 6 weeks ago and proselytize about the same event.

The Clear Channel AM talk show hosts, of course, treat the subject with derision and mockery, but we are witnessing the end product of mind control and mind influencing that has been taking place among extremely gullible people. I've written about the insidious nature of fundamentalist mind influencing (brain washing) when you combine religious/spiritual themes of salvation, sin, judgment, damnation, condemnation, and Hell, with emotionalism (music, singing), and the British Israel inspired thesis of the Rapture, End Times, Tribulations, Armageddon, and Apocalypse, that in the "end" lead you to accept the idea of a New Millennium utopia headquartered in Jerusalem with the bearded Zionist Talmud Boys running the show. If you wind up in that boat, then you are a victim of cult hypnosis.

It's possible that engineered earthquakes and tornadoes may start to rumble across the land in the coming weeks in order to "fulfill prophecy." For those who have been mesmerized and brain-washed by the British Israel influenced preachers and self-appointed prophets , they will attribute them to the End Times, 'Wrath of God', Revelations, etc.

May 21, 2011 addendum:

I seriously doubt if anyone is going to be beamed up today, but you never know. It's a magnificent Spring day here in southern California. It's about 72 degrees outside with a light breeze blowing. There isn't a chemtrail in the deep blue sky and the birds are singing. I hear kids playing in the grassy areas and many moms are outside with their kids. I expect the ice cream truck to roll through the neighborhood about 5 O'Clock. It'd be a pity to beam up to (?) on such a lovely day, but to each his own I suppose.

After this particular psyop expires, there will be another to take it's place until, of course, the happy day arrives in which the agents and agencies responsible for manufacturing and feeding these psyops into the media fade into the night and we once again can focus our attention on shaping the course of our lives towards achieving a peaceful, just, and abundant society without the war making, the corruption, the plundering, and the exploitation of others.

Ken Adachi

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