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McCain, Vietnam, the NWO, & the Hero of Chi Chi Jima
Januiary 10, 2008

McCain, Vietnam, the NWO, & the Hero of Chi Chi Jima (Jan. 10, 2008)

Subject: McCain/POW
From: Jack H
Date: Thu, January 10, 2008
To: Editor

I'm wondering if anyone has, and if not can, confirm the stories associated with McCain having a been a POW in Vietnam.

I am suspicious, perhaps it's a gene I have, and do not believe the claims. Considering his father, and his track record since returning, I believe it far more likely he was collaborating with the enemy rather than being held by them. Or, if just being held it was to keep him out of harms way due to his father being over the Pacific fleet.

I would appreciate someone either confirming my gut feeling or correcting my suspicions.




Hi Jack,

I do recall when he was released. They made a big deal about his return and then going into politics a few years later.

McCain is an NWO shill all the way. He's been working for the Other Side all along. There's no question of that. I've always assumed that he was mind controlled while held captive by the North Vietnamese, but if his father was a big deal in the Navy, then he was programmed from childhood.

You bring up an interesting possibility about him being kept out of harm's way, but I presume that he was shot down and then captured. That could not have been planned. However, the NVA surely knew who he was and likely kept him as a barganing chip. Only the people who were in that POW camp would know whether McCain got special treatment or not.

I will remind you that NWO shills of Presidential timber do have a habit of manufacturing War Hero status for themselves. You recall how Kerry turned himself into a regular Sergeant York when he ran for President and Dubya would have had you believe that he should have been cast for the leading role in Top Gun, instead of the cocaine-snorting, AWOL, no-show weekend warrior that he actually was.

His father, GHW Bush, really takes the cake for manufacturing a War Hero status for himself. In fact, I just saw a short clip (made by the Navy in 2007) a few months ago on Public Television (Ch 28) in which Bush Sr. recounts his Hero of Chi Chi Jima fairy tale.

With a sort of 'Aw Shucks Folks, it ain't nuttin' type of demeanor, Bush tells us that his Torpedo Avenger plane was shot down "fighting" over Chi Chi Jima and he alone (sadly) managed to survive the bailout, while his two crew members didn't make it and went down with the plane. That's Bush's account of the event

Now, want to know what really happened?

There was No "fighting." and there was No battle. He was not even under fire.

Bush was on a bombing run to Chi Chi Jima, flying in close formation along with his entire squadron, when inexplicably, his plane develops smoke (from inside the cabin) and Bush, alone at the controls, quickly bails out, leaving his two crew members to crash with the plane. The entire event was witnessed by a tail gunner named Chester Mierzejewski who was flying in another plane directly in front of Bush's plane and saw everything that was taking place. I posted the follwoing description of the Chi Chi Jima bailout in an article I posted on May 20, 2007 titled: Mystery 'Person' from a September 1, 1944 Wartime Photograph (

You might also be interested in knowing that Chester Mierzejewski was a rear tail gunner in another bomber on September 2, 1944. He was flying directly in front of Bush's Avenger bomber, less than 100 feet away and looking straight back into Bush's cockpit. He had a bird's eye view of everything that happened on Bush's plane that day and after keeping quiet for 44 years, he finally went public with the real story. His account differs sharply from the heroic puff piece that you will  read of our heroic shape shifter at Wikepedia  

Thanks again to the efforts of Eric B, here is the reprinted text of Chester Mierzejewski's description of what happened that day:

"Chester Mierzejewski, an old war buddy of Bush, who said he was angered by the "false assertions" made by candidate Bush when describing the incident, gave a different account. After 44 years of silence, Mierzejewski, who also was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, told the New York Post that Bush had abandoned his crew to death when there was another choice. He said he was approximately 100 feet in front of Bush's plane as the turret gunner for Squadron Commander Douglas Melvin's plane, "so close he could see in the cockpit" of Bush's bomber. Mierzejewski's close wartime buddy was one of the two crew members in Bush's plane.

According to Mierzejewski, the squadron was in a tight formation bombing raid against a Japanese radio installation on an island reported to be heavily fortified. He saw "a puff of smoke" come from Bush's plane which quickly disappeared and was certain only one man parachuted from the plane and that it was Bush, the pilot. Mierzejewski said the Avenger torpedo bomber was engineered so that it could successfully crash land on water and that Bush doomed his own crew by bailing out and leaving the bomber out of control.

Other World War II veterans also expressed concern about Bush parachuting out of the aircraft. "He had a moral obligation to put that plane in the water in an emergency landing," Robert Flood, a former B-17 bombardier told the press. "He violated the primary rule for a captain of a multi-crew aircraft: The pilot never leaves the airplane with anybody in it

Although the heart of Bush's story about the incident remains the same, Mierzejewski is adamant Bush's account is not the truth and blames Bush for the abandonment and deaths of both men. "I think he could have saved those lives, if they were alive. I don't know that they were, but at least they had a chance if he had attempted a water landing," Mierzejewski said.

This horrible crime was perpetrated to help the young Nazi, George Herbert Walker Bush establish a false reputation for being a great American WWII hero. Hitler’s plan to take over the world was right on schedule. George Herbert Walker Bush, is not an American War Hero! He is a sabotaging nazi traitor! George Herbert Walker Bush should be tried for Treason."

Eric B.

Bush's father, Prescott Bush, also turned himself into a War hero when his official biography said that he fought in Europe from 1917-1919 during World War I  Don Nicoloff wrote about Prescott's mandacity in a long article he wrote for the Idaho Observer and posted last April, 2007.

"Prescott Bush’s numerous biographies mention his graduation from Yale University in 1917, though there is no mention of a degree. Before his graduation from Yale, yet another anomaly appears—his enlistment into the Connecticut National Guard in 1916.

The conflicting dates do not end there. While on a tour of duty in the U.S. Army from 1917-1919, Bush is credited, on August 8, 1918, with “deflecting an incoming shell with a bolo knife” and saving the lives of three allied leaders. As a result for his bravery, he “received the Cross of the Legion of Honor (from France), the Victorian Cross (from England) and the Distinguished Medal of Honor (from the U.S." Upon his return to Columbus, Ohio, in mid-1919, Bush found it difficult to explain away the concocted “war hero” story (another anomaly) and “moved to St. Louis.” [19]

Still, another story surfaced regarding Prescott Bush’s whereabouts during 1918. Having been initiated into Yale University’s secret Skull and Bones Society (some say in 1916, others claim it was in 1917), Prescott Sheldon Bush is credited with the grave robbery of the skull of Geronimo, from a graveyard near Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Though this story may only be another myth, by now it has become quite difficult to distinguish PSB biographical fact from fiction. The overlapping timelines of these stories are enough to raise a few valid questions:"

I'm amazed at what I'm hearing over KPFK (Los Angeles) concenring McCain. The Leftist Loonies who dominate that station during the day were actually saying over the air that McCain would get us out of Iraq, while the Obama and Clinton would not want the legacy of "losing" Iraq and would therefore be afraid to withdraw, thus prolonging the agony. Apparently, even Lefties can't hear McCain words or can't understand their meaning.

McCain is more pro-war than Bush is, if you can believe that's possible. .Yet, this is the guy who's going to "get us out of Iraq."

Where's Alice and that damn rabbitt when we need them?

Regards, Ken


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