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Is August 12, 2007 Going to Be a Special Day?

[Editor's Note: I don't put a lot of faith in anything that James McCanney has to say because of his disgraceful attempt to gather laurels on his shoulders when he teamed up with a gasbag phony and plagiarist by the name of Mark Hazelwood somewhere around 2002. These two guys first tried to steal the contents of a web site called Zeta Talk and claim it as their own and then set themselves up as 'authorities' on the subject of the return of the 12th Planet (or Nibiru) in May of 2003. Incredibly, they then did a 180 degree reversal in early 2003 and claimed that Zeta Talk was a CIA disinfo operation and that the 12th Planet would NOT show up in 2003, but a few years later-like they knew!

Hazelwood dropped out of sight completely somewhere in 2003 and hasn't been heard of since. Enough people had apparently exposed him on the internet as a con artist and plagiarist, that he decided it was best to disappear back into obscurity-where he belongs. McCanney, on the other hand, continues to beguile the faithful with his predictions or assessments of this or that. For a time , he billed himself as "professor" McCanney until someone pointed out that he filled in as a substitute teacher for a few months (or was it a few weeks?) at some community college and derived his "professorship" from that brief sojourn into academia.  I don't read his stuff, so I have no idea what he talks about these days, but I notice that he's latched on to August 12, 2007 as a a possible date for the next big "terrorist" con job in America. McCanney has probably chosen that date because it's the anniversary date of the Philadelphia Experiment of August 12, 1943. Al Bielek had mentioned that the earth has a natural 'biorhythm' cycle that peaks at 20 and 40 years intervals and those peaks occurred on August 12, 1943, August 12, 1963, August 12, 1983, and August 12, 2003. Something 'big" has occurred on each of these dates, but that doesn't mean something 'big' happens on each August 12, so I wouldn't get too excited in anticipation of that date.

Today, it's not news to any thinking person that all 'terrorists attacks' whether in America, England, Africa, Bali, or Spain are INSIDE jobs and are intended to justify the loss of personal liberties and replace them with Big Brother, police state regimentation and control over every aspect of our lives. So I think we can all expect another splashy "terrorist attack" on America, but who knows when? However, it's better to announce these potential dates of an 'attack' just in case our domestic 'terrorists' were planning something, since advance notice on the internet will kill their plans instantly -- thus I publish Professor McCanney's warning. .

I'm of the opinion that many planned false flag operations have been aborted or sabotaged both here in the United States and abroad since 911. There are many groups, human and otherwise, who are working to prevent the advancement of the New World Order takeover agenda and have repeatedly thrown a monkey wrench into the best laid of black op plans. Of course, the infiltrators and fifth columnists who pretend to be our leaders and security/intelligence 'protective' agencies are always quick to take credit for the lack of attacks by "Al-Queda", but they -and we- know the real score and now they face the prospect of non-believability by a large segment of the American population if they try to pull off another 911.

All of those videos now available on the internet that completely and deftly expose the hoax of 911 have been seen in MILLIONS of homes by now, and more viewers join them everyday. Do the traitors really think that the American public will again swallow the next "terrorist' attack? I don't think so

I believe too many people have lost too many sons (or daughters) in Iraq and Afghanistan to buy the "freedom and democracy" package any more...Ken Adachi]
July 31, 2007

Is August 12, 2007 Going to Be a Special Day? (July 31, 2007)

Subject: next phony terror attack around 8/12 (excellent)
Date: Tue, July 31, 2007 5:03 pm
To: Editor

July 31, 2007 posting ... there is a sense that EVERYONE is feeling these days and it is a sort of nervous universal consciousness that shows people are keenly aware that something is terribly wrong ... wrong with our "leaders" (stating that the alleged war on "terror" will last into the next generation) and that people have lost control ... governments are nothing more than funnels for transferring your hard earned labors to a few rich people and as more and more "wealthy" people are finding out ... they have been used to hold the system together while first the middle class (which gave them their wealth through their labors) has been bottoming out and now the wealthy are one by one being plucked of their life savings ... one by one and no one is noticing ... as they start to realize they are also victims ... they have to look back to see who they supported to get into this dilemma ... but now it is too late as they too have no voice ... calling your senator that you made all those campaign contributions to will do no good as your call is just one of thousands that will not be heard ... yes the plan to take down the USA is nearing completion and one of the biggest unseen forces is that ole man bush ain't gonna be around too much longer and he certainly knows that and certainly wants to see the culmination of his life long efforts ... to take down the USA and move the european bankers (that is has shown allegiance to) into their "new world order" ... i still think august 12th (or there abouts) is "their time" ... be prepared ... jim mccanney

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