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Mind Control Trigger Words

[Editor's Note: I didn't reply to this e-mail, but I wanted you to see an example of using the e-mail to attempt to trigger a person who has been programmed with mind control, especially the satanic based (trauma form) of MC programming (If there is any chance that you suspect that you are a victim of mind control programmming, then you should stop reading this NOW and go back to the previous page). Notice that the e-mail address in the "To" line is not really mine, but I have the same server.

"Triggers" can be words, symbols, gestures, signs, music, tones, sounds, etc,. The purpose of applying "triggers" is to keep the mind controlled victim locked down under mind control programming. In the absense of 'triggering', some mind control victims begin to recover their memories of being traumatized and programmed to be a mind controlled slave. The series of unconnected words that follow the message is the tip off for this type of programming e-mail. Keep an eye out for e-mails that contain these strings of random words. Triggers are planted in TV shows, commercials, popular songs, political speeches, etc. Of course, the body of the message itself could contain trigger words or trigger codes, as is probably the case here...Ken Adachi]
March 11, 2004

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Subject: Believe

Saten is trying to tell you God is not real but he is.

Don't be tricked, save your soul today

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