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Electronic Mind Control in America, The Silent Plague

[Editor's Note: I get a lot of mail from mind control, psychotronics, and implant victims. There are MILLIONS of people in America in this situation. Only a handful manage to find my web site and a small number are willing to send an e-mail because they are desperate to find a way to end the ordeal. I find that a large quantity of orgone generators and other crystal/orgonite devices tend to bring some level of relief; sometimes it's a dramatic change. One of the more successful techniques is to learn how to use a Powerwand ( and punch back at the tormenters via the astral plane. Now I know it's difficult for the dumbed-down Nudnikes out there to understand, or even imagine, that it's possible to engage in this sort of "etheric warfare", but that's where the battle is taking place, whether the PJ types are ready to tune in or not.

If you are being victimized like Mandy here, realize that you CAN beat these satanic scum bags at their own game and you do NOT have to suffer like this year in and year out. You can free yourself, but you have to learn what tools work and how to play the punch back game. Tim Rifat is a British remote viewer who was being assaulted a few years ago by government psychics, black magicians, MI5/6 microwave torturers, etc. He found out how to use the astral plane and learned techniques to DESTROY those who were assaulting him using his mind and crystal tools. One big disadvantage of engaging in evil doings and working for the Dark Side is that when they are on the receiving end of an etheric punch back, the energy will come back to them TEN times greater than that which they sent out. That return energy is often enough to cause that dark agent to expire right then and there. This is why FBI, NSA, Homeland Abominations, CIA, military special forces, etc. have learned to maintain some distance from direct assaults on Don and Carol Croft, as many of their former colleagues, superiors, and comrades are no longer with us, having gone on to collect their Just Rewards from their boss, Lucifer. .

We are finding many people are working on answers to mitigate this psychotronic nightmare. Punching back on the astral plane certainly works, but so does PRAYER. Michael Relfe has put together a very thoughtfully worded series of prayers ( to cover just about every situation that the scum bags can throw at people and many have reported amazing success by using Michael's prayers. It cost you nothing and everyone can take advantage of this tool -instantly. DON'T pass up up ANY technique that has a TRACK RECORD of success. ..Ken]
November 5, 2005

----- Original Message -----
From: Mandy
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, November 05, 2005 3:21 AM
Subject: mind control

I am emailing you a copy of an email which I tried to email to the FBI, but was unable to send .I came across your web site and I am hoping maybe you can help me or tell me why anyone can see or read what I am writing as I write it and be able to read my mind and know everything I think and know everything about me from when I i go to the bathroom to what I am thinking of doing.

I am writing to you or trying to again since the orginial email I was going to send was read and deleted before I was able to send it.

I am hoping that you can help me find out what is going on and how it is and why. It is crazy and if I ever get the chance to tell someone, you may think I am crazy or maybe there will be some strange logical reason about what it is

And then it will be just embarrasing. I don't know for sure what this is about. Maybe it was money, some stupid game, jealousy , lies , sex or what or maybe for stealing ideas for stories or music lyrics or what.

I can say that there were some mind control techniques used on me and I feel that frequency and motion have been used and the scary thing is that my thoughts and memories they know now also and they read my mind and are able to see and know what I'm doing .

Yet I am unable to read their mind or see where they are.

I am constantly being told one thing after another and it just doesn't stop. Tthey have told me it is to do with everything from Playboy TV to mind control, to being wired for sound, to being a whore, to space aliens, and much more.

I don't know what or why, but for whatever reasons some people keep trying to make me forget what I do remember, so if I ever get to talk to someone, then no one will believe me. They say.they even pretended to be FBI people so I thought that someone was aware.

I did make 2 attempts to talk to an agent in Santa Ana and I went there because I was scared

And I brought along a video camera , 2 tapes and storage cards to show them. I went in there and I didn't get to see an agent, so I am wondering if anyone found the tapes or the storage card, and camera.

I wanted to see if anyone could help me figure out what was going on. I would like to see someone in person and tell them what I remember and what I know to be true and then the stuff I 'm not sure of and everything else.

I would like to come there and talk to someone in person tommorow if can call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Thank you


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