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On Meeting Ron Paul: Dreams Do Come True
January 31, 2008

On Meeting Ron Paul: Dreams Do Come True (Jan. 31, 2008)

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From: Matt Day
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Subject: Dreams Do Come True

Hi Ken,

Here's an anecdote for you and your website:

It's not often a real dream comes true, so I'm still absorbing the fact that it happened to me today. Two nights ago I dreamt I met Ron Paul and shook his hand. My heart was full of thankfulness and respect for what he has done and is still doing for me and millions across our country. The first thing I did when I woke up was tell my wife about the dream; she teased me for talking about Ron Paul before giving her a morning hug.

Ron Paul is the first politician I have ever connected with at the heart level; he's the first candidate I have ever donated money to; he's the first politician I instinctively trusted upon hearing him speak. Like many, I'm skeptical of the hierarchical establishments in control of our country's government and resources. Come election season, if I don't see a candidate I trust and support, I don't vote - and I have not voted many times.

I first became aware of Ron Paul in September of 2007. I watched his youtube videos, studied his Representative speeches over the last 30 years, and looked up his voting record. In the process I came to understand his platform, and saw that it has been consistent throughout his entire public service tenure. It's about liberty and freedom, with respect for other's life, family and property. This extends to the national level: stay out of entangling alliances, free and open trade with other countries, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. If it isn't authorized by the constitution, it gets voted against. If the Constitution needs amendment, there's a process. Economically, his stance against the IRS, the "Federal" Reserve System, and the manufactured boom and bust cycle created by private banking cartels who create money out of thin air rang true. "Wait", you say, "our government creates our money supply." Wrong. Yes, we print it, but then we sell it to the private Federal Reserve Banks for the nominal cost of the paper, printing and ink; then, they turn around and sell credit and Federal Reserve Notes back to the US government. Only, it's for full price plus interest, in the process creating a national debt that has grown to a staggering $9 Trillion. But wait, there's more: our government then charges us a federal income tax to pay the bill, for something they could have done basically for free. Interestingly, the Federal Reserve System and the 16th amendment, which allowed the federal income tax, both came into existence in 1913. Coincidence? I think not.

But what gets me the most about Ron Paul is that, in the face of a nearly complete media blackout and robotic derision from corporate news heads, he keeps his cool, steps up to the debate plate, and hits homer after homer. The playing field is highly pressurized and unfairly scripted, and he stands up for we the people in a way that makes him my champion and a true hero. His beingness, actions and viewpoints have literally improved my awareness of what is going on in our country and around the world. I don't live my life as he lives his, and that's what his campaign is all about - allowing us to live as we choose. This is the heart and soul of the United States of America, and Ron Paul's position places the decision making process firmly where it belongs: at the family and local level.

Anyway, the next day after my dream, I got an email from our local Ron Paul meet up coordinator saying, (!) Ron Paul will be in Seattle tomorrow. Tomorrow!! Wow, and I could even fit it into my work schedule! So there I went. I parked and along the way made a friend named Ernie, a 73 year young man carrying a Ron Paul sign, who looked as fit and trim as Ron Paul himself. We waited and chatted until Ron Paul's van pulled up; he stepped out of the van to a roar from the crowd, shook hands with Ernie and myself and then everyone else. Amazing. Later we walked to the University HUB where my wife and I listened to him speak, without a microphone, to a crowd of hundreds. We took pictures and videotaped. I was in heaven. Then it was over, I went to work and now here I am - still digesting what happened.

Today, my dream came true. After the event I told my dream story to my new friend Ernie, and he quickly said, "That's great. Now dream of him as the president."

I'm off to bed.

Matt Day


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