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The Art of Mental Chembusting & Other Strategies of Etheric Resistance

[Editor's Note: I recently returned from a lengthy trip to the East coast and I didn't see any chemtrail activity while there. Since returning to southern California, I've noticed that every single day has been free of chemtrails so far. I've witnessed long stretches of no-chemtrail activity in the past, but one has to wonder if the tide perhaps isn't turning in our favor? Hmmmm..I plan on posting other e-mails which describe remarkable success some have reported using "mental chembusting." I might remind readers that one of the very first articles I posted somewhere back in 1998 or 1999 on how to overcome chemtrails was an essay on employing prayer to defeat the chemtrail agenda. Focused intent and praying are the same thing. Let's all think about this each and every day.

There appears to be a lessening of chemtrail activity of late, at least here in southern California and during the time I spent in the greater New York area. Even when I did notice chemtrails in the past few months, the spraying was rarely heavy and the Sylphs usually came out very quickly and seem to transmute most of the chemtrail toxic soup. Perhaps the more frequent sighting today of Black Beams and silvery orbs is a testament to the effectiveness of  Sylph chemtrail neutralization and now, a more desperate effort ensues from the secret government and their alien pals to try and make the chemtrails stick.

"Mental chembusting" can be practiced in the silence and privacy of your mind. If you are open to these ideas, then there's nothing stopping you from joining this effort with other kindred "spirits" (and I do mean both incarnate and discarnate spirits who wish to assist) from around the world. I realize that this "work" is way out there and you'd have to be more of a graduate student rather than a freshman here at ole EYU in order to be up to speed on what the heck I'm talking about. However, if you've been here a while and paying attention, then this is a good time to get involved.

You can get better results if you raise your vibratory rate. We, like everything in the universe, are vibrating within a certain frequency range. Eat light foods, like veggies or fruit, and you get a higher frequency of vibration. Eat "heavy" foods like meat, and you lower your vibration. Think dark thoughts, you lower your vibration. Think higher, positive thoughts and you speed up your vibration. Quiet the mind, speed up your vibration, etc. I briefly spoke on the phone today with the fellow who sent the e-mail seen below. You'll notice that he mentions techniques for speeding up your vibratory rate. When I asked him if he ever read anything from Lilly of the Women Warriors, he said no, but his advice for increasing the vibratory rate is almost word-for-word what Lilly recommends in her articles concerning preparation for engaging in this sort of etheric "work." Synchronicity? Of course! Many minds 'tuned' into the same mission? Obviously.

Collective thought creates collective reality. The more who join in the effort, the greater the effect. . Ken]
June 19, 2007

Subject: Arizona Etheric Chembusters
From: Michael <>
Date: Tue, June 19, 2007
To:   Editor

Chemtrail Busting

Hi Ken,

Below is an article on chem-busting based upon my personal experience in Arizona. I have no problem sharing personal information with you over e-mail, as I am already very extensively monitored on many levels, including files with the CIA and Secret Government. My name is Michael Allen Jorden, I am 22 years old and currently a student at University. I live in a part of the Phoenix Metro area. I really appreciate the work you are doing.

My skill set includes energy healing, clairvoyance, energy implant removal, remote viewing, communication with interdimensional entities (including ETs), chem-busting (etheric warrior), and others; all of which I am constantly honing and refining as I raise my vibration. Black helicopter flybys and circling are commonplace; sometimes I'll have multiple passes within a single day. For example, I once had a black chopper hover over my house for a good 8 minutes as I continued busting chemtrails from my backyard. Consequently, I have no fear at this point in my experience.

I'll leave it to your discretion where in the website it should be posted. Might I suggest a new thread within the Chemtrailing section entitled: Eclectic Group of Etheric Chembusters in Arizona


The battle over the skies in Phoenix has taken many interesting twists and turns as of late. I have had the privilege of experimenting with many diverse chembusting methods, all of them wonderful. It is clear that the lightworkers have taken control in this region, as many have noted pure INTENTION is the most powerful force one can work with. In my reality, mental chem-busting is as commonplace as taking out the trash or washing the dishes, and it requires even less effort. All of us who have become conscious are using our love intention to assist each other in this collective effort, firing the earth grid, healing the planet... Chembusting is healing Gaia.

We work hand in hand with the sylphs, as many have noted, as well as an eclectic bunch of interdimensional entities. As the conscious awareness of this divine intervention raises, we are more empowered. As Ken has so aptly noted, WE must consent to the help of interdimensional entities, this is freewill. They will not do it for us. We must work synergistically, blending the etheric and physical energies. Communicate with the sylphs and make clear that you would like to help ground their energies in the physical. Remember that intention IS communication, they will get the message.

Many of you have dragons hanging out in the higher dimensions that you are not consciously aware of (they have been with you for thousands of years, and for obvious reasons it is not safe for them to cross into the third dimension at this time). They love chomping on chemtrails. Work with them, they channel their magic energies through you and you channel magic through them. I have had many an enjoyable afternoon as my dragon munched away at no-trails (failed chemtrail attempts) above my desert abode. On occasion I have observed other flying entities which I could not classify, but they work synergistically with both sylphs and dragons.

Call on the benevolent extraterrestrials (the Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and many others). They will gift you with additional chem-busting abilities, this work will likely occur in the dream state. The benevolent extra-terrestrials are tweaking and activating our dormant genetic information in order to make us more seamless channels of love and light. Again we must consent to this. In the exo-political arena, most enlightened ET?s view chem-trailing as an abomination. From their perspective, it is a direct effort at thwarting human evolution. However, they will not directly intervene, but they DO assist us when we ask for it.

Now for the dark side of the ET involvement in this drama. As some of you know, the race known as the Greys work very closely with the Secret Government (orchestrators of chemtrailing). In the past, the Greys have attempted to psychically protect these chemtrails. Unlike the enlightened races, they DO directly intervene in the earthly drama. If you perceive this, simply blast their poor little heart chakras with divine cosmic love and they will be powerless. Always remember that divine cosmic love vibrates much higher than the energies of oppression and control. The heart chakra is a weak spot for members of the secret government, as well as the Greys. Take advantage of this vulnerability, and be lovingly aggressive (peaceful action, purple energy). This has truly become an etheric battle of the wills. Indeed, the Greys are largely responsible for the perpetuation of this campaign. The Secret Government alone is not powerful enough to combat mental chembusting; they are utterly dependent upon the technologies and assistance of the Greys.

More tips for becoming optimal human-orgone generators (aka love transformers)

-Dispersing divine energies is an art form

-Consciously fire all orgone generators in the vicinity simultaneously, remember there is no limit to intention.

-Channels energies from the core of the planet.

-Envision a mobius (infiniti sign) of energy running through the planet, with the center of the mobius at the center of the earth (like two snow cones with the tips meeting at the core of the planet). This creates two energy shields of equal size on opposite sides of the planet. I have found that this is more efficient than creating a single shield. Work with elementals on the opposite side of the planet, circulate energy through the mobius.

-Communicate with the sylphs and dragons. Ground their energies into the physical.

-Practice yoga, tai chi, qigong, or any other form of energy cultivation for amplification and general health.

-Use healing crystals to amplify your energies (some favorites: clear quartz, strawberry quartz, azurite, green apophyllite, red jasper, anything you are intuitively drawn to.)

-Understand that YOU are the most powerful orgone generator that is possible to build.

-Have compassion for the ignorant ones who continue to deny that WE ARE ALL ONE.

-Thank the oppressive forces for this unique experience of transcendence and soul development; love them unconditionally ("forgive them, for they know not what they do").

-Recognize the divine light within yourself -utilize chaos energy

Infinite love to my brothers and sisters,

Michael <>


Mind Over Chemtrails-Is It Possible?

Sylphs & Chemtrails, Kim Hits a Home run! (Apr.16, 2005)

Can Humans Influence the Dispersion of Chemtrails? (Apr. 16, 2005)


Subject: chemtrails
From: Marcel
Date: Thu, June 21, 2007 12:35 am
To: Editor

: Dear Ken,

Regarding your latest article, I just would like to add: There has been about a month of chemtrail-silence over here in the Netherlands as well, only here and then the last few days. But yesterday they were back, with broader trails than I can remember having ever seen before. Very broad crossing lines, thus with huge crosspoints. A lot of "regular" chemtrails everywhere as well.

But there's certainly a change, so let's hope for the best of it.

Best regards,

Leiden, the Netherlands


Subject: Mental Chembusting
From: David
Date: Thu, June 21, 2007
To: Editor

Mental Chembusting

Excellent article--those who are meant to find it will, and those who are not won't. As for the remainder, the disinfo/debunking, etc. The law of allowance has a wonderful tool called a "delete key". There is another universal law, of Intention. It is the intent of the regressives to foment doubt, to prevent people from realizing who they are and from gaining full access to their power. This is what they fear most. I have written this so many times but I can't emphasize it enough. We, each and every one of us, are far more powerful than we realize. The objective of the regressives is for us to give up that power, and our objective is to realize it and use it. The writer is correct that without them there would be nothing to push against (polarity). While they are playing their games, they are also attempting to outrun the reaper, which is impossible (reptilians have carried this
to ridiculous lengths with a marginal degree of success)--but time moves on and nobody in 3rd density escapes it. It has never been about the "end" because there isn't one, it's always been about the journey. I appreciate the excellent articles you have placed on your site both educating people and assisting them to claim their power.



Subject: Mental Chembusting
From: Eric
Date: Fri, June 22, 2007
To:   Editor

Wanted to show support with the adventerous reality creators of our time. Push! Push! Push! We are all spread out like the stars, but together in the
tapestry of mother earth. We are winning! The seed is breaking the soil and light is upon us. To be free! I feel more empowered everyday! Keep up the good fight, third dimensional antibodies, embrace your power! The mobius sign was splended. Like an old feeling that never left.

Eric Billig



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