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The Future of Mental Health

From Eric B
February 26, 2009

The Future of Mental Health (Feb. 26, 2009)

I fear the worst Ken, when psychiatry and the truth movement collide. Chemtrails, 911, Nazi’s involvement, the Anglo American Establishment, deliberate poisoning of the water and food, genetic manipulation, mind control (Hulu) and any talk of auditory and visual hallucinations [psychotronics] will be grounds for a psychotic diagnosis with immediate incarceration to a readjustment "right-think" facility.

Currently, the Fed is restructuring mental health services. They are privatizing it by discharging the mentally ill into the community. ACTT (Assertive Community Treatment Team) is a form of emergency psychiatric team to support psychotic people within the public arena. This model was started because it was believed to be a more humane approach for treating the mentally ill, rather than incarceration. This model is failing due to the purposeful inadequate funding, intelligence and increase of mental diagnosis.

The "solution" will be to create a hybrid of government and private organizations to deliver mental health services. State of the art “rethink” facilities with cutting edge scientist and technology to help with the crusade must be created. The snowball will really start rolling when they set up a patsy to get the emotions stirred up for some legislation. I’m sure FEMA will be more than happy to take over this needed crisis stabilization. Media will love this topic and it will penetrate all the hearts and minds of its followers. The propaganda machine will embrace this topic and wield huge power. I constantly try to get this topic within conversation and no professional psychiatrist or politician will touch it with a 10 foot pole. They will outright dismiss it and won’t even consider the possibility. In that light, my fears are confirmed. Their distortion to the truth is so cunning that they have the power in their minds to call the truth movement a "virus": an airborne disease that creates ideas of wild conspiracy that causes a disassociation within the mind; the mentally divergent. Entertainment puts out so much predictive programming with bio catastrophes. I can see it now on the front page of a federal medical journal, “Anomalous Neurotransmitter:, Proof of the 911 Disease.”

Big pharma is fused with the CIA, military, medicine and education to name a few. I worry that the counter intelligence is so good that these supposed criteria’s for diagnosis (schizophrenia, schizoid) are being pushed by disinformation provocateurs.

Medical information is being digitized. A eugenicist philosophy would deny the rights of someone if their great grandfather had a mental health diagnosis. The right to procreate, employment, medicine, food, quarantine would all be subject for debate. You would find arguments steeped in logic and intelligence as to why this type of thought must be eradicated and usurped. Strong psychic driving techniques along with powerful psychotropics [drugs] will conform even the strongest of us.

They have created their programmed society. They have successfully compartmentalized the mind through crisis and pleasure. How ironic that they blame us for being dissociative, psychopathic and schizophrenic, and then establish a machine to get rid of us. No wonder that they want to kill us! We wind up being their projection of pathology, the part they cannot understand and refuse to take responsibility for. The part that is human and what it takes to be a humane person. The natural survival instincts have been eroded through time and are now but distant memories for most. That instinct that would cause a spark in emotion to tell us something is wrong, no longer exists for many. Wait until all of the genetic code is rearranged. Do you think any one of us will have a chance then?

Their unconscious mind repels the truth like opposing magnets. They do not know who or why. They don’t even trust their own eyes when they look at chemtrailed skies. For If they look upon it now it would destroy their very identity. A compartmentalized mind is fragile and cannot deal with a change in psyche. It inherently attracts like minds to stabilize the house of cards.

Eric B.


From: Dorothee K
To: Editor
Subject: Future of Mental Health
Date: Mar 21, 2009

Dear Ken,

I read letter Eric B's titled The Future of Mental Health. The writer has every reason to be concerned, but there is obviously at least one ray of hope. At the last congress of US Mental Health the psychiatrist Jose Maldonado gave a presentation about neuropsychiatric masquerades: Medical and Neurological Disorders that Present with Psychiatric Illness. (

He mentions a number of neurotoxins like heavy metals, solvents or vitamin deficiencies etc that can trigger psychosis. Finally mainstream psychiatry is acknowledging the findings of environmental research.

I cam across the research by David Horrobin, Malcolm Peet and others on phospholipid breakdown and deficiencies of essential fatty acids as the real biological causes of schizophrenia. There is a niacin skin test available that is based on the research.

The scientific paper Prostaglandins, Leukotriens and Essential Fally Acids has a number of relevant studies. There are a number of studies that show a huge amount of oxidative stress in people with schizophrenia and the very likely treatment with micronutrients and antioxidants - this confirms the success of the orthomolecular medical treatment. There is a niacin skin test available that is based on the research.

The article by Jonathan Campbell (see link below) gives a good overview how the pharmaceutical industry has managed to deceive generations of psychiatrists.

Research into oxidative stress are very important but dangerous in one respect as well. As there is also a huge amount of oxidative stress in people exposed to microwave radiation, psychiatrists may be tempted to diagnose nearly everybody as schizophrenic because of lab test showing oxidative stress. If you google "essential fatty acids, oxidative stress, schizophrenia" you'll have hundreds of search results.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Campbell, Health Consultant Natural Therapies for Chronic Illness & Health ... In Search of the Holy Grail: Natural Treatment of Schizophrenia ...

Cell Phones and Microwave Congruence Schizophrenia Article by John Mc Murtrey

Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes & Essential Fatty Acids (PLEFA ...

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