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Mental Weather Modification

[Editor's Note: The most difficult thing for new readers to fathom is the idea that human beings are capable of transmuting their THOUGHTS and INTENTIONS into three dimensional reality. That means that you can effect action and cause change in the physical world with you mind. If you tell yourself, deep in your heart, that "it can't be done", then for YOU it can't be done because you've set failure to be your INTENTION. The universe will create whatever intentions and thoughts you decide to create, be they success or failure. The ability to modify reality with your thoughts is the Big Secret that the Illuminati and their alien overlords wish to keep from you ..because THEY cannot do it....Ken]
November 25, 2008

Mental Weather Modification (Nov. 25, 2008)

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From: Drew
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Subject: Hi Ken

Heya Ken,

I hope November found you well my friend. I thought you might be interested in some of my experiments in mental weather manipulation. I don't know if I read about it first on your site or another one but I had come across a Prayer used by a woman that was based upon a water prayer by Masaru Emoto for cleansing and purifying drinking water. I ended up modifying the prayer to my own end but have since replaced most of it with intent and generally never use the prayer anymore as my energy work, intent and raising my vibrational awareness to that of the clouds and my environment seem to work equally as well. The later technique was relayed to me by an extremely adept psychic who is both prevalent in weather and time manipulation. She is able to walk into the rain and have it stop raining around her and whomever she is with. My first experiment with eliminating the chemtrails came while I was sitting on my back porch watching a large storm system move in following spray trails about 6 months back. I watched as the trails came in followed lock step by this massive storm system. The sky over my house became pitch black, I picked a spot directly over the house and said the prayer calling on Sylphs to come in the area and remove the negative frequency in the clouds. I said the prayer three times and focused intently on the cloud region directly overhead, within 15 minutes I had punched a huge hole in the storm cloud only directly over the house, almost a perfect circle, the sun was shining through, mean while everywhere else around this circle was dark clouds, thunder, lightening and rain. My jaw dropped. This was one hell of a first experiment. I ended up leaving my house not too long after and went to a friends house about 15 minutes away. When I came back a little over an hour later, imagine my surprise when I got home to find the whole region around my house dark except for the spot over my house, the sun still shining down.

The prayer I used for this was as follows, said verbally 3 times, ‘With love and gratitude, I ask the sylphs, Earth spirits, and angels to clear the sky of chem. Trails and to remove all negative frequencies from them. Recharge every particle of them with the love and light of the creator and the sky with divine healing energy. What was intended to harm us, now blesses us. I give thanks for this clean air and I thank the spirits for all they do. So be it and so it is.’

I keep this prayer in my wallet. Over the months I have been experimenting with different techniques to eliminate these clouds. I live close to the beach and I generally try to get out there at least once a weekend if at all possible to soak up the sun, do my distance healings, do energy work exercises and overall just get away from everything else. There have been a few instances which stand out even more to me. Almost every time I go to the beach, it is actively being sprayed with the only exception in recent memory being a 2 week reprieve after hurricane Ivan tore through to Texas. It was blatantly noticeable to me because the sky looked so healthy for 2 weeks and all the clouds looked vibrant and natural. One very noticeable instance I was at the beach with my sister and when I arrived there was a huge area of the sky that was blanketed with very noticeable fake clouds. It stood there for 2 hours and did not move or dissipate at all prior to me doing some work on it. I opened up my peripheral vision to the cloud structure, said the prayer out loud 4 times with intent and allowed myself to drop into a dreamy alpha like state. Over the next 20 minutes I watched this large ugly wispy cloud system begin to move in on itself, bunch up into several squares which became several smaller squares which eventually dissipated and ended up 10% of its original size and looked like beautiful ordinary clouds with zero resemblance of the ugly mist like structure they had before. I had another incidence of this exact occurrence and pattern, cloud system drawing into itself and becoming several squares, happen about a month after the first one.

Other methods I have worked with while at the beach I used against entire storm fronts which more or less stopped in their tracks. Huge ugly storm fronts came in over the beach (more than once), I raised my energy vibration to where I felt the clouds and their presence and I told them not to rain on my parade. Not a single drop of rain on me for hours at the beach alone more or less by myself with a 70% chance of rain for the day. The storm system eventually made its way over my head after creeping slowly in off the Ocean, much slower than its original trajectory, at which point I actually started connecting with the sun and pulling its rays through the clouds. The cloud system would become splotchy, lose its density and the sun would start creeping through. I ended up getting sun for 3 out of the 4.5 hours I was at the beach with a storm system directly over head. The other hour and half the storm just sat there and eventually ended up dissipating over the area.

I’ve worked with Tachyon energy beams that I created through intent that likewise have cleaved sections out of clouds. I am energy perceptive and can see the energy when I work with it. In the future I plan to experiment with constructing Etheric Orgone arrays like mentioned by Grey Wolf in his healing thought forms article. I have no doubt that they will work as a large amount of my healings I do on people I do in the Etheric plane outside of my body working on other peoples energy bodies. Also when I build thought forms and etheric objects, I can perceive them energetically. I have a large thought form I put on top of a building across the street from my office. The top of this building has ‘Cell Phone’ radars that look identical to the fake cell tower arrays you have posted on your page; this thought form transmutes any negative energy flowing through them into a beneficial energy. Whatever group operates them will be in for a surprise once they turn them on and none of the electromagnetic pulse reaches their targets and whatever base they work from suddenly gets cleared of all their negative energy pathways. I can actually see this large thought form when I look out my window at this building. It, in and of itself, is self sustaining and based around an Orgone matrix. Every now and again I check on the various thought forms I have created and any of them I have put in place with permanence has not only remained in place but I have found them to become stronger in their application. I leave all Etheric creations open to use and optimization of higher energy spirits which work within the light and work for the greatest good of humanity.




Charging Water for Health and Healing by Drew (Dec. 1, 2008)


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From: Peter
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Subject: I can corroborate his story

Hi Ken,

I can completely corroborate Drew's mind control of the weather story with my own experiences. Since last year when I discovered this technique in a leap of inspiration, I have kept it from raining on us during our travels; completely stopped the wind which was gusting hard during a picnic; and I have completely eliminated those HAARP checkerboard skies above me. Here's how I do it:

1. I breathe in thru the nose and imagine a ball of energy spinning in my heart. while breathing in, I silently say the Hawaiian power word "aloha" but only the "alo" part. Then I breathe out thru my mouth and with a strong "ha". at this point I either have enlarged the energy ball in my heart outward or I send that energy to wherever I want it like the clouds. (this is somewhat similar to the etheric blasting/boosting technique of the Crofts.)

2. Then before I breathe in again, I make a strong directive like "remove these chemtrails from the skies NOW!" (the energy which I emitted which is intelligent is just waiting for a command.) I couple it with looking right at the middle of the HAARP cloud and imagining a blue hole expanding from it like what Drew was imagining. I always finish the directive with NOW so it knows that it must do it in the present time. Sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes later, but it does happen most of the time.

3. I repeat this for a total of 4 times. then I finish with 4 more "mahalo" breathing, which means thank you in Hawaiian. I notice that when I finish with mahalo, the results are much more spectacular than when I don't use it. In fact, I feel the most tingling in my hands when I express gratitude.

4. I believe that you can use any indigenous power word that resonates with you that has the same "aoa" or "aua" or "aaa" vowel configuration because I believe that these words have been hidden in every culture. this includes "yehovah", "yeshua", "ahava", "talofa", "mabuhay" etc. usually this word will mean God, love, to live, life energy etc in that language.

Since I've been doing this, I have: had lost keys materialize in my back pocket which I checked thoroughly first; turned a lifelong, very defensive, offensive, paranoid relative into a loving more open person (I mean total change like a switch was flipped). I had a wave hog standup surfer move to another location, brought in more business for my company, avoided a potential mishap on my motorcycle, avoided ripping my eye out on the reef while surfing etc.

There's many more big and little things that I do with this. That it happens so naturally, I just forget about it now. It's like manipulating reality is a natural occurence just like what the ancient Hawaiians believed. To them, there was no such thing as "supernatural" and "sacred". Everything was natural and sacred and weird happenings and synchronicities were part of daily life. And no, this just doesn't happen in Hawai'i where the fabric of reality is a lot thinner; I've done this on our travels all over Asia.

I hope more people do realize this and hopefully if they use this technique, they can tell you if it worked for them.



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