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Dr Mercola on Colloidal Silver & Swine Flu
September 4, 2009

Dr Mercola on Colloidal Silver & Swine Flu (Sep 4, 2009)

Subject: Collodial Silver
From: Ed t
Date: Fri, September 4, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Greetings Ken:

I have been busy alerting family, friends to the dangers of the swine flu..I am copying a comment from one Dr. Mercloa; I have been reading his
site for a few months now and have grown to respect his views. However, his comment on CS startled me so I am passing it along to you hoping to elicit your comments. I do intend on writing him to inquire about the source of this information he delineates in his comments:

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Is Silver a Good Choice for the Swine Flu?

While I believe colloidal silver does have some merit, there may be significant problems in using it for swine flu. We were initially going to carry one of the finest silver products in our store, but I recently learned of new information that changed my mind.

While silver will likely work to kill the swine flu virus, in many healthy individuals it is likely to elicit a severe cytokine storm reaction. This is
basically a severe allergic inflammatory reaction that can occur in your lungs, and could be fatal.

Additionally, silver is a heavy metal and there is no need for it in your body. So when used acutely it may have benefit, but in the long run you will need to eliminate the silver ions in your body with some type of detoxification process.

I am currently consulting with some of the leading experts on a swine flu product that I hope to have by the end of the year that will use completely natural ingredients that build your immune system, and will not result in a potentially fatal cytokine storm.

In the Meantime Consider Vitamin D as it Prevents Seasonal Flu


Best Regards Ed D.


Hi Ed,

I tried to write him myself but I only got back form letters from mindless twits working in his products and service department. In my second e-mail, I asked why I couldn't simply get an e-mail forwarded to Mercola so he could read it himself. No reply.

I plan to write something about his comments which are correct in some regards, but erroneous in others. He's completely wrong about CS triggering cytokine storms; quite absurd actually.

Regards, Ken

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