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October 16, 2007

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From: Gosia
Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Subject: RE: colloidal silver

Hello Ken,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I read all of the info and know much more :o)

You are right about the schools. I am prepared for that, however I think I'm strong enough to fight the schools but my husband could be bigger problem.

So far he trusts me with my holistic and natural approach, but he just can't get why everybody is vaccinating their children and they are just fine... but of course he won't read anything unless its on front page of CNN or AOL, you know this type...

But I'm ready to protect the boys and do EVERYTHING to save them from the vaccines. Once again, thank you for CS info and YOUR BEST WEBSITE.

It is too bad there are no informal meetings to discuss what is going on, exchange ideas and so on. Reading stuff is good but living people that know are better. ..

Thank you very much and take good care.



Hi Gosia,

I'll give you some links to articles about vaccine dangers which you need to read first and then TELL your husband what you've read in the articles. Taking vaccines today is riskier than ever. The vaccines of today are not the vaccines of 40 or 50 years ago. The reason for the explosion in Autism and Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS), for example, is DUE TO VACCINE POISONING.

more articles:

Obviously, no one would allow their children to be vaccinated if children immediately got sick or died after taking them (although, a certain percentage of children DO die or become very ill after being vaccinated). But using that sort of simplistic reasoning and justification for allowing your kids to be vaccinated is dangerous and FOOLISH.

You could compare the danger of vaccines to slow radiation poisoning. If you worked with nuclear materials and got a little bit of radiation poisoning daily, it would take may 20, 30 or 40 years for the cancer to show up, but does that mean that it was SAFE or WISE to expose yourself to something that has a high probability of leading to pain, misery and a shortened life span?

Today, many vaccines are LACED with hidden dangers. The reason that roughly 80% of black people in Africa have AIDS today, is because they were GIVEN THE HIV VIRUS by the World Health Organization via MANDATORY vaccination programs in the late 1970's that were touted as "protection" against smallpox, etc. Re-read what I just wrote: EIGHTY PERCENT OF THE BLACK POPULATION IN AFRICA HAS AIDS! They were inoculated with the AIDS disease by the WHO. Sure, AIDS can spread by sexual contact, but the epidemic was STARTED BY THE WHO with their vaccination programs.

What if 80% of the American population had AIDS? Wouldn't we question the official story line of green monkeys, homosexuals and gay bars as the cause of such an epidemic? HIV is a BIO-WEAPON that was secretly developed by DOD/CIA contractors in labs right here in the USA. Same goes for the Hanta virus, the Ebola virus, SARS, Flesh-eating bacteria, Bird-flu virus, etc, etc, etc. All of these "new": diseases of the past 25 years or so WERE CREATED IN GOVERNMENT LABORATORIES.

Who in their right mind would trust ANYTHING that government told us (or the pharmaceuticals, or the CDC, or state health dept, etc.) about vaccines and their "safety"?

Now, I want to plant a seed with you.

I don't have the time for "informal meetings to discuss what is going on, exchange ideas and so on." , but maybe YOU do.

Here's your chance Gosia to step up to the plate and contribute to the cause of helping humanity (and your family).Is there any reason that YOU shouldn't start such informal meetings with your friends and concerned parents?

Just reading the articles posted on my web site about vaccine dangers alone would give you enough material to talk about for a YEAR's worth of informal meetings. Become an 'expert' yourself and then influence other people to recognize the dangers that are now staring them directly in the face. Don't look to me to save you; YOU CAN SAVE YOURSELF through self education and self motivation and DIRECT ACTION, such as organizing that informal meeting at your house, or a church hall, etc.

The guy who started the Granada Forum in 1992 did so by renting a church hall for $15 a week and holding weekly meetings in the hall. He invited experts to come and give free talks. Put together 30 people in a room and most "experts' will come to give a talk without any cost to you.

No one is going to save you (or America) unless we become ACTIVE enough and SAVE OURSELVES.

I'm not going to be here forever to warn people. Ken Adachi is not 25 years old any more. It's up to you to get involved and take over and do your part.

Are you up to it?

Sincerely, Ken

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