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U.S. Complicity in Mexican Drug Violence and Cross-Border Gun Running
March 20, 2009

U.S. Complicity in Mexican Drug Violence and Cross-Border Gun Running (Mar. 20, 2009)

From: K.H.
To: Editor
Subject: Fascist gun-grabbers at it again!
Date: Mar 20, 2009

"US Shares Blame in Mexico Drug Violence, Senators Say"

See story at:

The Senate and Congress are to blame for failing to secure the borders and stop drugs from coming into the U.S. and “stolen” and "illegally obtained" weapons from going out! The U.S. government is probably the largest exporter of military weapons and guns on the planet. Secure the borders and end both problems! But instead, they arrest border agents Ramos and Compean for doing just that! They don’t want to stop these crimes. Ordo ab chaos!

Strict laws already exist preventing illegal gun sales. This is more fascist, gun confiscation propaganda by the gun grabbers in the senate and congress, which both have the symbol for fascism displayed by the speakers’ podium! See for yourself at:

K.H. San Jose

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