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Michelle Obama Reveals Her Satanic 'Gang' Affiliation
February 23, 2009

Michelle Obama Reveals Her Satanic 'Gang' Affiliation (Feb. 23, 2009)

Subject: Michelle Obama's overt Hand Gestures
Date: Mon, February 23, 2009
To: Editor


Have you seen this Vogue cover with Michelle Obama on it? I see that she doen't mind flashing the ol' "satan is my lord" gang sign.


Michelle Obama Vogue cover flashing satanic hand sign Hi Jason,

While I noticed that most of the reader comments posted under her photo were typical of the obsequious, starry-eyed twaddle that we come to expect from our hopelessly dumbed-down American Sheeple on the Left, I was gratified to see that at least one reader, Susan, possessed the intelligence and awareness to recognize the Satanic hand sign when it's being flashed, albeit in an ever-so-graceful, elegant, and subtle manner.

I've reprinted Susan's comments below:

"Has anyone stopped to notice that the first lady is giving the sign of the devil? what you might call 'upping the goats'. she's a satanist and that would explain why even when she's pretending to look all nice and homey, she still looks utterly evil.

Posted by: susan | February 18, 2009 at 12:52 PM"

Do you recall the in-your-face Satanic hand signs being flashed at every possible oportunity by G.W. Bush and his entire family during the week-long inauguration ceremonies of Crawford, Texas Most Upstanding citizens in January 2005?

Holy Cow, you'd think that the "Texas Long Horns" were the most important topic of interest at the Illuminati's obelisk-bedecked city-state of Washington, D. C. .


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From: Keith S
To: Editor
Subject: michelle obama
Date: Feb 28, 2009

Hi Ken,

If you revisit the Vogue photo notice her postion on the couch.She has her arms folded in a pentagram fashion......

Thanks for these photos - my family members are finally begining to acknowledge their nepharious ways. And we are speaking about these kind of things in a amicable way for a change.

Tthanks, Keith

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