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Chemtrails in Michigan (& The Swine Flu Agenda)
September 22, 2009

Chemtrails in Michigan (& The Swine Flu Agenda) Sep. 22, 2009

Subject: Chemtrails in Michigan
From: Tina
Date: Mon, September 21, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Mr. Ken Adachi

My name is Tina and I wanted to just send a quick letter letting you know that Chem spraying has been going on over my area for the past 2+ weeks! This past weekend (09/18/09) though yesterday 09/20/09 they have been spraying all weekend! Criss crosses are all over the place... We use to have a beautiful deep blue sky, but now it is almost a greenish blue, and or light blue..




Hi Tina,

Chemtrail spraying started in the winter of 1997-98 over most of North America. We noticed an improvement in 2002 with the advent of orgone generators and the chembuster. Things improved further in early 2004 with an influx into earth's atmosphere of giant Sylphs from other parts of our solar system which ZS Livingstone had predicted some months before their arrival. Locally, at least, Sylphs seemed to be doing a remarkable job of detoxifying the skies of most chemtrail poisons and leaving transmuted cloud banks in their wake. In the last couple of years, from what I could see here, Sylphs seemed to be able to ingest and transmute chemtrails as fast as they were spraying them out (and I'm not the only one who noticed that).

An even greater improvement in chemtrail mitigation was noted in early July of this year thanks to the chemtrail detoxifying efforts of General Jeremiah and the United Galactic Federation of Hendon. General Jeremiah announced his group's efforts to neutralize chemtrails during a call-in to a radio show I was doing with Don Nicoloff on July 28, 2009. You might want to listen to it (

I think the "success" of chemtrail spraying is somewhat dependent on the absence of orgone generators and the activity of Sylphs in your area. Sylph activity is definitely encouraged by the presence of orgone generators and chembusters. However, the CONSCIOUSNESS and AWARENESS (to chemtrail spraying) of the people who live in your area ALSO affects the activity of Sylphs. The collective will and awareness of local people play a role in "calling in" Sylphs to help mitigate chemtrails. I've been repeating this mantra for nearly 7 years now: You need to ASK for help and HOLD THE THOUGHT that the chemtrails are going to be stopped and neutralized. The more people who do this in your area, the greater the effect. Another lady in Michigan contacted me last year and was able to clear chemtrails from her area by calling on Sylphs to help. You can do the same thing (

Thoughts create reality. Collective thought manifest a collective reality more quickly. This information is available in greater detail on my Chemtrails page ( which has hundreds of articles and letters explaining these ideas.

Another likely reason for increased chemtrail spraying in your area is to spread SWINE FLU. The U.S. government has been spraying civilian populations in different parts of the United States with pathogenic organisms since the 1950s. We've known since 1999 that at least 14 disease-causing organisms have been identified in the residue of chemtrail sprayings. Cliff Carnicom and William Thomas (and others) had done lab analysis of chemtrail fallout and had discovered many toxins including metals, desiccated blood cells, and pathogens. Unidentified STEALTH viruses and nano technology organism/robot "hybrids" (E.g. Morgellons disease) have also been part of the chemtrail soup for years.

I'm quite certain that they are now spraying the so-called Swine flu germs in order to create the pretext for forced vaccinations of the killer Swine flu "vaccine".

To reduce chemtrails, get some orgone generators and gift your local cell phone towers. Install a chembuster or two and you should notice some changes. Avoid the Swine flu vaccine at all costs. The pathogens they are dropping in chemtrails are not that deadly and will likely be neutralized to a large degree by unseen, friendly forces, but taking the Swine Flu vaccine will cripple your immune system in a permanent way and could likely lead to your demise. That's the plan: worldwide population reduction (genocide). I first wrote about it in 1996 after I learned it from Bill Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse. The agenda hasn't changed one iota.

To stop chemtrail 'whiteouts' in your area, you can't merely be an observer and lament your situation. You have to participate in thought and deed to mitigate chemtrails. I've already given you the basic overview of what has to be done. Read my Chemtrail page and see what others had already discovered before you -and the action they took - to mitigate chemtrails.

Get involved if you want to see things improve.


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