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Michio Kaku: Science Guru or NWO Propagandist?

From Ken Adachi, Editor
March 27, 2011

Michio Kaku: Science Guru or NWO Propagandist? (March 27, 2011)

Subject: Michio Kaku
From: Edward
Date: Mon, March 28, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken:

Michio KakuI have noticed that the lame stream media has been sitting on every word Micho Kaku says about the real situation in Japan as is reltates to radiation. I have my suspicions about Mr.Kaku which go back several years ago when he refused to discuss his thoughts on world trade center bldg. 7 at a conference. He danced all around this obvioulsy not wanting to rock the boat.

Seems like I see him everywhere giving us his scientific perspective on the radiaition in Japan. Call it instinct, I don't trust him. Do you have any knowledge of him being a NWO mouth piece??

Best Regards ED


Hi Ed,

Yes, of course! He's a "science" shill for the NWO, always ready to spin the story whatever way the CIA, or the Pentagon, or the NSA, or the NWO spin meisters at MIT or Harvard, or Columbia, or John Hopkins, or Tavistock want him to spin it.

I posted a letter about Michio Kaku in December of 2004 and accused him of being a NWO BS spin artist. Nothing has changed my opinion of him since then. .

The issue of the letter concerned Kaku's interview of a woman named Reynolds who was pumping the story about exhumation of 1918 Spanish Flu victims in order to retrieve samples of the 1918 Spanish Flu virus by "researchers." Actually, the Alaskan exhumation was undertaken by Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger who was working out of Fort Detrick for the CIA and thanks to Dr True Ott's decisive expose of Taubenberger in June of 2009, we now can see more clearly WHY Kaku and Reynolds were laying the groundwork for the eventual "need to vaccinate" cover story that would emerge in 2009.

At the time, I guesstimated that Kaku's interview was part of a propaganda package to lay the groundwork for what the government would claim was a runaway 'pandemic' scenario which would emulate the 1918 kill off. Therefore, you need to get your life-saving 'whatever' flu shot to save yourself from sure extinction, yada, yada, yada.

Not unexpectedly, that's almost exactly the scenario that unfolded in 2009 with the all-out propaganda blitz to stampede people into believing that they needed their wonderful Swine Flu vaccine if they hoped to live long enough to see 2010.

Here's what I wrote about Michio Kaku in 2004:

Michio Kaku
December 9, 2004

----- Original Message -----
From: Dylan Ford
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Subject: article

Dear Ken,

On November 10, I sent you an article to consider for your website. It was an answer to a pro-GMO article that ppeared in the Atlantic Monthly magazine last year. I thought it might provide good information and avenues for further research to those of your readers concerned about the safety and certainty of their food. Just wondering if you got a chance to look at it.

Also, in reference to your vaccine article, I heard an ominous radio show the other day on the local Pacifica station, WBAI in New York. The host of the show (Explorations), a theoretical physicist named Michio Kaku is a bright, well-educated and interesting man, though hopelessly invested in polite science, never venturing far beyond ideas that have received the Status Quo-keeping Seal of Approval from the boughten university assets and other corporate thought-police.

He was interviewing a writer/researcher on epidemiology named Gretchen Reynolds and they were going over the regular scare crap about vaccine shortages and mutating asian bird flus. I accepted this as just more of the preparation-propaganda being floated in the media to insert a mental context for whatever horror-show the elite planners have up their collective sleeve for the population at large.

Then Ms. Reynolds introduced a really scary subject. She was riffing on the 1918 influenza that killed possibly one half of the planet's population. She began describing a project that was undertaken by American researchers to find and culture the virus. This they did by digging up the corpses of victims that had been buried in permafrost. The first attempt was unsuccessful in Norway, but then they actually did succeed with soft-tissue remains disinterred in Northern Canada.

This live virus material was moved from a highest security laboratory at a college in Canada, to a mid-to-low-level security laboratory at the University of Wisconsin. Makes you wonder why anyone would go to so much trouble to seek out and reproduce such a deadly strain of the influenza virus, and then carry it to a less secure storage point? Call me kooky, but there's something here that doesn't smell right (business as usual, I guess).

At any rate, Thanks.

Sincerely, Dylan Ford

----- Original Message -----
From: Editor
To: Dylan Ford
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2004
Subject: Re: article

Thanks Dylan,

I'll check on the article. I'm really tied up these days.

You make a good point about Kaku and his 'guest'. 'Professor' Michio , of course, is a modern version of 'Professor' Carl Sagan, Illuminati propaganda front man and all around deceptionist and misdirection line-backer of bygone years. Guest Reynolds could well be a member of THE Reynolds family, one of the 13 Illuminati families here in AmerCIA (yes, I meant to spell it that way) .

This is pure guesswork on my part, but I believe the 1918 Spanish Flu dig up of the bodies (which actually happened) and the lab reproduction blah blah story have been intentionally planted by our CIA/NSA/Mossad friends (first heard this on Art Bell about 3 or maybe 4 years ago ) to make people believe that the lethal bioengineered diseases that they intend to disperse world wide is somehow a 'runaway' Spanish Flu virus that "somehow" escaped from one of their bullet proof, snazzy, level 10, hermetically sealed, super biology labs. In other words, they are laying the groundwork for their 'cover story,' when they decide to release their mega bioweapons on civilian populations.

You're very perceptive to pick up on Kaku's role as MC of Illuminati disinformation.

And yes, the sheer ILLOGIC of digging up these bodies and then taking it to a lab to reproduce the same virus that killed 18 million people in 1918 is lunacy itself and makes a mockery of their attempts to run this disinformation ploy.

The problem is always the same for deceptionists:

Misdirection and falsehoods NEVER add up or make sense when subjected to the scrutiny of pure logic.

Regards, Ken

Here's a recent YouTube video about Michio Kaku titled " Illuminati Propaganda Par Excellence "


I did a little digging on the net and found this biography note posted at the following link:

" Michio Kaku was born on 24 of January 1947 in San Jose, California, he's parents being Japanese immigrants. When he was in high school he had entered in the school's chess team playing in the first board. When he was at the National Science Fair in Albuquerque, N.M. he was token as a protégé by physician Edward Teller gving him the Hertz Engineering Scholarship. He graduated with excellent grades from Harvard University with a B.S degree in 1968."

Do we really have to look any farther?

He was "token" in as a "protégé " of top Illiminati honcho Dr Edward Teller (there's more irony in the mispelling of "taken" than you might imagine) and graduated from Harvard no less. And he got a "BS" degree; yea, that sounds about right.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


Michio Kaku: People Who Oppose NWO Are 'Terrorists' by David Icke (Oct. 12, 2010)

Climate expert Michio Kaku: “El Niña” or global warming causing snowstorms, or something by Dr. Ryan N. Maue

Open Letter to Professor Michio Kaku by Robert W. Koontz, Ph.D. (May 15, 2009)

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