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38 Year Old Israeli Nurse Reports Chronic
Fluoride, Mercury, Chemtrail, & EMF/Microwave Poisoning

[Editor's Note: I will post my response to these e-mails after I've had  a chance to write it up. There are multiple things that need to be addressed here. Obviously, this woman is suffering from toxin overload, both chemical and electromagnetic. It's possible to remove fluoride, mercury, etc. from the body. You can oxidize-and thus neutralize- many toxic substances that are found on fruits and vegetables by soaking then in a stainless steel pan filled with water and one ounce of 12% NSF {National Standards Foundation) BLEACH which can be purchased at any POOL SUPPLY store. Do not use the 6% bleach sold in supermarkets as laundry bleach. 6% SUPERMARKET LAUNDRY BLEACH IS LOADED WITH CONTAMINANTS. It's OK for clothes, but not for food. Soak for ten minutes and then thoroughly rinse at least three times after the bleach soak. A portable water filter like Brita, can remove most heavy metals and chlorine. There are special filters available for removing fluoride. If you are sitting under a microwave tower on your roof-YOU HAVE TO MOVE, there's no other way. You can't be sitting in a microwave field 24/7 and expect to recover your health; it's not going to happen. You must eliminate or minimize your exposure to ANY form of electromagnetic radiation when you become as sensitive to EMF radiation as this woman has. That means don't use a cell phone (microwaves) at any time. Don't use a cordless phone. Don't use a Wireless ANYTHING with your computer. Don't use a microwave oven. Stay away from fluorescent lights and don't have any in your home. Use incandescent bulbs only.

Vaccine damage can be reversed with homeopathic compounds. This woman's testimony as a nurse should speak volumes to the insanity of allowing yourself to be vaccinated for anything. I realize that health care professionals are told that they MUST get vaccinated, but when you present the hospital administration with a contract that says that they will assume all liability for any health damage that may result from the vaccination, they will refuse to sign. You then tell them that since they can't guarantee your safety, then they cannot make the vaccination mandatory. Legally, you have them up against a wall- if you stick to your guns and don't allow them to bully you into submission. It's not EASY, but it is doable. There's a solution for every problem mentioned here-if you dig hard enough. If you have expertise in any of these areas, don't hesitate to write to me with your suggestions...Ken]
October 3, 2007

38 Year Old Israeli Nurse Reports Chronic Fluoride, Mercury, Chemtrail, & EMF/Microwave Poisoning (Oct. 3, 2007)

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Olivia
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Subject: Help urgently requested

October 02, 2007

Hello Ken,

I thank you for your very informative and thorough site. I realize you have many important things to do and I sincerely respect your time. I just discovered information concerning orgonite and believe it could really help me, but I need some assistance understanding exactly what suits my needs.

I am a 38-year-old nurse from the US, currently residing in Israel and seriously ill. Although I've never had good health, the situation has been markedly declining over the past 14 years after receiving a vaccination series of 3 injections, mandatory for US health care workers, that contain mercury. Soon after receiving the Hepatitis B series, my shoulders dissolved and I became bedridden with severe fatigue. These bedridden periods reoccurred throughout the years, and now they are no longer going into "remission."

I have come to realize that I am now strongly affected when multiple planes fly back and forth over my home as well as when I'm in fluorescent lights, near the computer, or using the cell or even cordless home phones.

I notice you mention chemtrails are reported as being severe over Israel and I happen to live in the North near the Sea of Galilee, where someone wrote you a lot of flying occurs this time of year. The skies over my city, Safed, are usually very hazy.

I found an article not long ago linking many of my symptoms, such as spinal and cranial fusion and red dots under the skin, to fluoride poisoning. Since then it has made a lot of sense - the water here is fluoridated and when I showier I have heart palpitations within minutes and then wake up all night from respiratory failure. The last time (and I do mean the last) I brushed my teeth with fluoridated toothpaste I felt like I was being electrocuted, which is how eating vegetables made me feel. All produce tested in Israel had pesticide levels above the legal limit and every time I've eaten only fruits and vegetables in this country, I've become severely ill.

I also have white and brown stains on my teeth, signs of fluoride toxicity which I've had for years, and after being exposed to heavy amounts of prescription drugs containing fluoride from age 6 my thyroid became suppressed - I've now been able to make the connection.

My spine and skull are fusing as well as other bones, my ears and nose have become deformed as the cartilage dissolves, I am losing increasingly large amounts of hair, and when I'm exposed to fluoride through washing my hands or by eating produce, I immediately become so ill that I stopped eating solid food on September 15 and now only eat herbs with bottled water.

After 2-3 days of not eating "food," a thick gray paste and horrible chemical smells started coming out of my skin, as well as something orange through my urine.

When I'm in the same room as the computer I feel a horrible energy coming from it that makes me feel sick so I avoid using it as much as I can, and today after becoming aware through your site I noticed there's a huge 3 tier tower over my home, in addition to towers and cables in every direction. The cables are right outside my front door and so close to the ground that I have to be careful not to touch them when I get my mail.

Now when I'm on the cell or cordless phones I have to hang up because I am thrust to the ground and feel like something in my chest is trying to drive me into the center of the earth.

My thinking is so clouded right now - and has been - that I am asking you to please advise me on what products to order. It is so hard for me to understand all this new information, but I do believe it is being sent into my life just in time. I tried to follow the links about where to order chemtrail busters and towers and I get lost trying to figure out what I need and where to order it from. It would mean so much to me if you could help. It seems from your website that you really know what you're doing.

One thing I'm uncertain of and extremely concerned about is if there's anything that can protect me personally when the planes spray over my home. What I've seen on various websites concerning chemtrails involves planting objects around the city to break them up, which would be difficult for me to accomplish right now, so if there's anything to help me here at home until I can do that I really need to know.

If you see any connection between the chemtrails, towers, power lines, wireless devices, computer and my symptoms, please let me know your thoughts, also if you have any input as to how the fluoride and mercury are connected to all this it would be much appreciated. I realize pesticides contain fluoride so this could be the reason for the similarity in symptoms caused by eating vegetables and when the planes spray overhead, if they are spraying pesticides. Also I read mercury destroys the body's ability to deal with fluoride but I would appreciate knowing your opinion.

Last night when the planes started flying back and forth my eyes started watering, I lost control over my legs, I had severe joint pain and felt the cartilage in my nose and ears come under attack, I experienced heart palpitations, gastrointestinal distress, itching and redness, and I woke up throughout the night because I stopped breathing. This morning I had new red dots under my skin, broken purple blood vessels, and felt numb and heavily sedated. These are all symptoms that occur when I'm exposed to fluoride. I'm also tasting chemicals in my mouth.

We use fluoride to anesthetize patients, so if that's what they're spraying us with then the numbness, sedation and inability to think clearly would naturally be expected. Fluoride is also used as nerve gas, which in my opinion explains why I have little holes in my skin as if it's being eaten away, as well as the deformities. I can't find anything or even anyone else to explain these things, but perhaps you understand.

After avoiding fluoride these past few weeks and taking natural iodine to help startup my thyroid, I had a healthy appetite for the first time in my life the past few days, but today I again have no appetite after being sprayed last night.

I have had upper abdominal swelling ever since receiving that Hepatitis B vaccination series 14 years ago, but now I have swelling over my liver that has been there over a month.

Please help me or refer me to someone you think may be able to help. I get so tired of forcing myself to breathe sometimes and at other times I lose the ability to breathe entirely. It is exhausting me to try and stay alive but I am doing all I can to find the answer. I am taking modifilan ( to help get the mercury and fluoride out (the fluoride is supposed to come out with calcium, although I've read it takes years because it's stored in the bones). Modifilan is also where I'm getting natural iodine from. I know I really need to have my mercury fillings removed and I hope to feel well enough to have that done soon.

Of course I'm sure you know that years of doctors and even natural healers have led nowhere - you must hear that so often in this type of work. Now that I've learned prescription drugs contain fluoride and that I was actually administering nerve gas to my patients through commonly prescribed medications over the past 17 years, it's apparent to me why my condition, as well as theirs, could not improve with medical intervention, especially when that was the cause of illness in the first place.

It has been very difficult to try and find answers on my own while in this state, so I truly have gratitude for whatever advice and education you can offer me.

Thank you,



----- Original Message -----
From: Olivia
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Subject: Help urgently requested, Part 2

Hi Ken,

I left you a voicemail a short while ago. I just realized something - the reason I literally feel an electrical current running through me when I'm in my home, and feel better when I'm capable of walking out just several feet, is not only because there's a tower right over me, but the cables are actually running openly right through my home!

When I pass by them, the closer I get to them the worse I feel. There's an area where I spend nearly 24 hours a day where they must be running through the wall because now whenever I approach it, I feel repelled by the current and it makes me feel horrible. I have a small apartment so I can't really avoid them.

MIcrowave CAbles inside Israel Apartment I'm attaching a picture of the cables. After reading horror stories of people who had to leave their properties because of towers that were on the border of their property lines, I imagine that having one just over my roof with the actual open cables running through my home would mean the same for me.

Just picking up my cell phone makes me feel sick within a few seconds and I have to toss it away.

Is this radiation poisoning, or is it a matter of electrical interference, or both?

I'm interested in knowing your opinion if the numerous mercury injections I've received and my mercury fillings are making me attract more of the current than other people might. My landlords lived here a few years and seem very healthy - I've only lived here less than 4 months, but as my first email mentions I've been ill a long time - I've had signs of fluoride poisoning since childhood with bedridden episodes since having a vaccination series with mercury 14 years ago.

I realize now that in addition to mercury from childhood vaccinations and those 3 injections I was required to have as a nurse in 1993 that first made me bedridden, there have been a number of other mercury containing vaccines I was required as a nurse to receive throughout the years.

For the past 1 1/2 years I have been consistently ill, over 1/2 of that time bedridden, and the rest of the time barely on my feet.

This is despite eating lots of fruits and vegetables and taking high quality nutritional products on and off over the past 5 years. This is not a nutrition problem and foods that are supposed to be healthy have always made me worse because they're filled with fluoridated water on top of the fluoride in the pesticides.

Only now do I realize all of my health problem have been due to being assaulted chemically and electronically. I have lived in other places with cables and towers strung around my home, but at least in the US they were on the outside.

I tried eating some solid food today and it dangerously suppressed my respiratory rate in addition to making me feel like I was being tortured in mind and body. I get sick when I drink herbal meals and bottled water too, but it's a very different feeling, so I know the difference between introducing new poison and cleansing the poison out. Even after not eating "food" for 3 weeks now I absolutely can no longer tolerate even the simplest mass produced foods, and due to water fluoridation even organic produce is out of the question for me.

I can move away from the towers and cables and I can survive drinking herbal meals with bottled water, but now the reaction I have to the chemtrails is life threatening and as you know it's happening all over the world, so I really need your help with that one.

I tried again tonight to read your website and I can't absorb the information so please personally advise me. I'm sure you're not surprised that my thoughts stop in the middle and I don't remember what I'm doing while I'm in the middle of something, or understand what I'm reading, even when I've written it. It is taking me a long time - with breaks - to compose this email.

Due to the fluoride I wake up feeling anesthetized, especially after the planes fly over spraying chemicals, and sometimes I don't know my name or who and where I am. That has improved since I stopped eating fruits and vegetables, however when the planes spray, everything starts all over again. All of this together makes me feel like hell lives inside of me, physically and mentally.

My mind has been going through absolute torture since the mercury injections nearly 15 years ago and it has never been worse than it is now. I'd really like to know if there's a connection between the cables and my mercury and fluoride problems. Only in recent months have I felt sick from my cell phone, cordless home phone and computer.

I also would really like an explanation for my dissolving ears and nose, if you have any input. The small holes in my skin make me believe that these 3 symptoms must be from the chemtrails. I feel and hear my nose dissolving every day, but it gets much worse along with the ears when the planes spray.

As far as the fine construction job here with the open tower cables running through my home, this is the way things are constructed in Israel, especially in my small town, ironically spelled "Safed."

This may explain why, although I've been losing my hair in large amounts for many years, it has started coming out by the handfuls.

Thank you for anything you can advise - please help me get out of this, I have been close to death a number of times in recent weeks and the fact that I've become so sensitive to the feeling from the cables and cell phone indicates to me that my condition is deteriorating, despite trying so hard to get better.


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