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Suspects Microwaves on Campus
March 14, 2004

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There is possibility of either air pollution at public buildings such as schools and libraries or EMF targetting.

I'm just theorizing, however, some observations leave me with questions.

Coming into the library and having a sleep attack. Upon leaving - back to normal.

At college, coming into a classroom and seeing not only the students but also bitchy professor subdued is worrisome. Having a class listen for the whole lecture and not ask a single question is freaky when you know that such is very unusual. Sitting and in class and feeling the changing neurochemical state.
Sensing the sleepiness at the specific time on hourly basis while on campus.

Perhaps I'm just imagining this, perhaps they are making me imagine this to create chaos and mistrust in everything.

BTW, very large increase in train traffic around illinois chicago area. What do trains have to do with this?

Oh, the Frankeinstein is coming to Illinois too I heard, or at least that's the name of one of the events around the country...





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