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The Draft "as of now"
February 9, 2009

The Draft "as of now" (Feb. 9, 2009)

Subject: The draft as of now
Date: Mon, February 9, 2009
To: Editor

Hi Ken Adachi.

I am John M. Is there going to be a military draft under the Obama administration now that George Weiner Bush is out? I am almost 40 and want to know how to protect myself. Maybe go "homeless" or be in a rock band.


ANy links for hairloss?



Hi John,

Is it your intention to be sarcastic or sincere? I suspect the former judging from the tenor of your remarks.

If you're asking the question sincerely, then "yes" there will most definitley be a draft under the adminsistration of non-citizen Barack Obama, fraudulently posing as President of the UNITED STATES corporation. It's part of the Ilumin-Nazi/Zionist plan to destroy America and its youth , as only the Chosen People of the Talmud are destined to rule over earth. Us "Goyim" are slated for annilation or conversion into the "Golem".

The draft legislation fronted by Trilateral Commission, Rocekfeller minion and NWO sell-out, Charles Rangle, now pegs the upper limit of the draft at 42 years of age-for BOTH men and women. If you doubt my words, do a google search and read the legislation yourself.

Maybe you should worry more about regaining some brains before you fret about hair loss.

Regards, Ken

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