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Reader Expresses Concern About Mike Adams/Natural News as Controlled Resistance
March 13, 2013

Reader Expresses Concern About Mike Adams/Natural News as Controlled Resistance (March 13, 2013)

Subject: Mike Adams/Natural News - possible disinfo/controlled resistance
From: Kristi
Date: Wed, March 13, 2013
To: Ken Adachi


I have been reading and sharing articles by Mike Adams/Natural News since it's inception. From the beginning, I discerned his intent was good, strong & clear. But in the past year/two, I'm getting more and more "checks" when reading his articles (coincidentally? about the time he apparently started hobnobbing with Alex Jones).

His most recent article is very disturbing to me, and seems to be intentionally fueling the division between "the left" and "the right" under the umbreflla o discussing the recent purchases of ammunition by the government. Here's a link:

Here's the post I made (1st poster) after I read the article:

>>>The mainstream media is neither "right" nor "left" is owned & controlled by The Powers That Be.

I would like to remind (those that know) and share (with those that don't)...the entire Left/Right Democrat/Republican script is designed to divide and conquer. A house divided against itself cannot stand, eh? The Powers That Be are not interested in controlling the "left" or the "right" (nor any specific nationality or race) - they're interested in controlling HUMANITY. Billions of us; thousands of them...the only way they can possibly win is if humanity does not band together in Solidarity.

Referring to our brother/sister humans as the "left" or the "right", completely depersonalizes - and sets us against EACH OTHER.

>>>It's time that government-worshipping leftists stopped behaving as if they were delusional children in a make-believe fairy land and started facing reality<<<.

The people to whom the author is referring, are our brother & sister HUMANS - there are a vast amount of people on both the "left" and the "right" that are blinded, dumbed-down and unable/unwilling to see the Truth. But it NOT going to help humanity to be casting stones at our brother/sister humans that know less and that are weaker than ourselves!

>>>And at what point do Alex Jones, Sarah Palin, Joseph Farah and others get their long-deserved apology for accurately and courageously warning the public about all this, even in the face of being labeled lunatics for telling the truth?<<<.

Hmmm, and here I'd always thought that it was the power-mongers that craved attention, notoriety and public praise - and that the true Freedom Fighters were more interested in assisting humanity in gaining Knowledge, Solidarity and VICTORY!

I've been following Natural News since it was News Target (when there was nothing to sell and virtually no "politics")...and I used to share/post several articles with hundreds of others monthly. But this article is filled with the kind of fodder that
splits, segments & weakens humanity - hence our solidarity. It is my hope & my prayer that it's simply a lack of knowledge & intense emotion at the core... and not the divisive & damaging propanganda it appears to be.

The news can be published WITHOUT fueling the conflict (and even hatred) between"the right" and "the left"! We must ignore our petty conflicts to band together in strength. Embedding & fueling even more conflict & drama is a VERY old tool of the Powers That Be.<<<


I expect that post to be deleted. In the past, he's deleted another of my posts questioning why he forces anyone that wants to comment to use Facebook...when he himself has published many articles about the evils of Facebook.

I admire your consistency and strong discernment. Over the years, my husband and I have found your information & site to be a very solid rock of truth and integrity...and you have our admiration and appreciation.

Healthiest of blessings,



Hi Kristi,

I have to somewhat agree. While I generally approve of what Mike says in his articles, I too am put off by his increasingly bombastic rhetoric since joining with Alex Jones. Part of it may be his youth and his growing popularity, but part of it is undoubtedly due to the influence and mindset of Alex Jones. Alex is getting way too pugilistic of late and commenting more with his testosterone than with his brains. Boasting about how much fun he was having recently shooting his "50 cal." machinegun is the sort of adolescent bravura and posturing that we don't need. Alex Jones' outrageous attempt to disrupt and ruin an outdoor rally in Texas a couple of years ago by invading the rally with his own bullhorn so he could shout down the organization's appoiinted speaker was disgusting and inexcusable. You have to ask yourself: Does this guy have all his marbles?

There is no question in my mind that the traitors in government are TRYING to agitate the hotheads in this country into some sort of armed revolt or revolution to "take back the country" and similar jackass platitudes. And too often I hear Alex making bravura statements that tend to encourge the 'Lock & Load' crowd towards the "coming " showdown. This sort of talk and thinking is STUPID and will lead to a bloodbath in this country which will exceed the carnage of the American Civil War by a factor of 10,000. And of course, this is exactly what the Illuminated planners want ~ a devastaded and ruined America. Just think of the 1917 'Russian' (Rothchild/Schiff) Revolution. That's exactly what they want to see repeated here, but with a country of 350 million to devastate.

I can understand Mike Adams getting irritated and frustrated with people who buy into Leftist cover stories. To the young, the innocent, and naive, Leftist positions sound so humane, so caring, and oh so noble, but the Zionist schemers who created communist 'ideals' (spelled out in The Protocols of Zion) know precisely how to manipulate the emotions of the innocent and naive towards their ultimate goal of one world government under satanic/Zionist rule.

I agree about Facebook. There's no reason to not allow people to comment right under the article, if you're going to allow comments. Facebook is an abomination. No one should be joining or posting a thing to Facebook if they had any sense.

Referring to Sarah Palin and Joseph Farah as "truth tellers" who are deserving of apologies is equally revealing. Sarah Palin is a joke. I've been a critic of Joseph Farah since he first showed up on the scene. He's a plant; just like Ariana Huffington or Christopher Ruddy or Amy Goodman or dozens of others.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: The article about the Health Ranger
From: Lady P
Date: Thu, March 14, 2013
To: kKen Adachi

Hello, Ken;

Brilliant letter...your reply is astute, and accurate. I am no longer on FB. Friends think I've dropped off the planet, but safety here has become paramount. Mike has become more, well, enamored of Alex. While I am all
for resistance, and I am no fan of lies, I see utterly NO reason for impolite, aggressive behavior. I am dropping my subscription.

Blessings, Lady P

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