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Military Spraying Chemtrails over San Jose, California
July 25, 2012

Military Spraying Chemtrails over San Jose, California (July 25, 2012)

Subject: Military Chemtrails in San Jose
From: Keith Howe
Date: Wed, July 25, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Yesterday I watched a C-130 transport, with the rear loading door down, and the two spraying nozzles from an MAFFS (Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System) sticking out the back, flying probably around 15-20,000 feet altitude, headed North from San Jose towards Sacramento. This device has a spray capacity of 2700 gallons of anything that is put into it. I see this spray operation take place every month and a half, or so here, on average (who knows how many I don?t see it). Probably done a lot at night, as well, as I regularly hear these bastards flying in the wee hours of the morning. Nothing was visibly coming out of the nozzles yesterday, however, today there were numerous whispy chemtrails , as well as linear ones, all across the skies today as high altitude, quick dispersions were executed. I?ll leave it at that.

MILITARY experimentation on Humans was approved by the traitor-criminals in Congress in HR1119.

Here is what these planes with the devices look like.

Have a nice day :-)

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