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Why Not Have a Draft?
May 10, 2010

Why Not Have a Draft? (May 21, 2010)

Subject: Military Draft
From: B. Clark Cromer
Date: Mon, May 10, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Mr. Adachi,

My name is Bertram C Cromer, however, call me Clark. I am currently writing a research paper on having a "Military Draft." I like the ppoints you have made and wondered if you would give me some insight on why we should not have a draft. I believe we should. First I think it would cut down on the rebellious teenagers, who have no respect for anyone, and secondly it would teach them discipline.

You served in the Armed Forces, correct? Did you not get anything out of you military? I was an Army medic and loved every minute of it. Had I not been medically discharged I would still be in.

Thank you for time, and get back in touch with me when you have a chance.

B. Clark Cromer


Hello Clark,

The purpose of the draft is to FORCE men (and now women) into military service and the purpose of the military is to WAGE WAR. The principle activity that takes place when you wage war is KILLING and most victims of war are innocent civilians and their children (but plenty of young soldiers die as well).

The Pentagon is now under the domination of the satanic New World Order Gang. If you have any doubts about that, then just look at their "performance record" for the past 15 years of so in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan. They (and their CIA pals) are in the business of MURDERING people while PRETENDING they are defending freedom and liberty and all that flag-waving clap trap.

The only people who "benefit" from war, if I can use that expression, are the corporate war machine (armament) PROFITEERS and bankers who are the same people who place the politicians in high office who ENGINEER war into existence, such as Bush, or Clinton, or Reagan using their Illuminated cabinet lackeys and media whores to "justify" the instigation of war.

I VOLUNTARILY joined the service because I wanted to see the world and have an adventure. There's nothing voluntary about the draft; it's FORCED conscription and THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

YOU can't decide what's "good" for others. They can decide for themselves. If you had a good time in the Army, then you can write essays about it and hold seminars to tell young people about your wonderful experiences and let them decide if they want to join too. Pushing for a draft, however, is not something that people who cherish FREEDOM ought to be doing.

Regards, Ken

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