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Mind Control Trigger E-mails and Distorted Text Web Sites

From Ken Adachi, Editor
January 24, 2011

Mind Control Trigger E-mails and Distorted Text Web Sites (Jan. 24, 2011)

I few years ago, I received a great deal of spam e-mail with distorted and illogical text. I posted a warning or two about them, at the time. The words were strung together with partial phrases that were coherent, but the bulk of the "sentence" was utterly imcomprehensible. It occured to me at the time that these e-mails contained "trigger words" which were meant to trigger people who had been programmed with mind control. The trigger words act as "cues" to lock in and firm up the programming and its attendant amnesia. The words were gibberish to someone who was not programmed, but it didn't bother me to read them. The e-mail received below caused a different reaction. When I went to the web site link to view the "link exchange" data, I IMMEDIATELY got a headache in attempting to read the distorted text posted at that site. The words may be chosen in a pattern that somehow causes the mind to become greatly vexed and upset.

There is MORE going on here than just trigger words. This is clearly a mind twisting operation of some sort that is using either black magic, alien stuff, or other mind control technique to cause a reader difficulty. I left the guy's e-mail address for those who want to check it out and determine whether it's real or not, but do NOT visit that web site in case you discover the url.

I only pasted a very small portion of the distorted text found on the web site sent to me by "". If this small amount causes some readers to feel ill, please let me know right away and I'll take it down.

BE cautious in reading the words below. If you feel any discomfort, stop reading the words immediately.

Ken Adachi

ResistanceUpdate: Jan. 26, 2011

I asked the Etheric Resistance to look into this matter and after talking with them (and heeding the advice of other insightful individuals who wrote to me), it was advised that I should remove the small amount of text from the Miley Cyrus web site that I had previously posted here. The specific order of the words, although non-sensical in meaning-were ENCODED with black magic frequencies that could cause (and were causing) difficulties for anyone who read them. I know this seems unbelieveable, but I immediately felt the debilitating effects myself and they were NOT FUN to experience. The encoded text was described as a form of psychic poison that should not be made available for general viewing, even in a small dosage, simply in the interest of satisfying curosity.

This is the second time I've been on the receiving end of a government-arranged black magic assault. The previous episode was much worse and lasted much longer. It took place from late June till mid August of 2010. I would have called for assistance from the Etheric Resistance much sooner during last summer's attack had I realized that I was targeted for black magic assault. The Etheric Resistance subsequently found out the that the Department of Homeland Security was behind the whole thing.

Out of the blue, I found it impossible to sit in front of my computer screen for even two minutes without becoming very weakened, nauseous, head throbbing, etc. For about 6 weeks, sitting at the computer was like being exposed to Kryptonite. The feeling of being hit with some sort of poisonous radiation was immediate and overwhelming. It took many hours and sometimes a day or more to recover and feel normal again. I couldn't answer e-mails and couldn't do much work done during that period. The Etheric Resistance told me that DHS had set up a surveillance room to monitor me inside an old building within about 30 minutes driving distance from my home. For unknown reasons, they were watching me via my computer monitor

(I hope you all realize by now that all modern LCD computer monitors have camera capability embedded in the screen area and can pick up audio as well. The same goes for HD, plasma screen TV sets. If you don't want to give the NSA, or the DHS, or the FBI, etc. a 'window' on your world, disconnect power to the LCD or HD TV when not using it and cover the screen with aluminum foil or a heavy black cloth).

The goons who were assigned to observe me for the DHS were interrogated by the Etheric Resistance team and they said that a contractor known only to them as "Professor Rainbow" had set up the black magic curse which prevented me from functioning within nine feet of the computer monitor. Professor Rainbow was pulled into the discussion and 'decommissioned' from performing similar services in the future. The surveillance team and their equipment was also decommissioned and relieved of their duties (which they were bored with anyway). I haven't had any problems since.

I'll explain the details of what happened in the Miley Cyrus set up in second update.

Briefly, the U.S. Army and DHS geeks were responsible. I'll provide more details later.

From the link below, you can still see the original e-mail I received from the DHS geek who participated in setting up this operation, but I removed the encoded text itself.

[Update, July 26, 2015: I decided to remove the link completely and take it off the server. You think you're safe sitting in your home reading something on your computer screen, but in this case, this black magic program is REAL and once you're bitten the apple, you'll quickly realizes what it means to be vitimized by demons and black magic. It is not pleasant AND you won't know how to shake it, which makes it a thousand times worse. One woman recently told me that she read the Miley Cyrus web site - which I warned readers NOT to do - and has been plagued with problems ever since. She hasn't used the computer for 5 years, but she's still going downhill and asked me if I could do anything to help her. ]

Read the comments below to understand why it's better not to read the encoded text.


Subject: Mind Control Triggers
From: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Date: Tue, January 25, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


I got sharp pressure on the third eye and front edge of the crown chakra vortex. I believe it is black magic human death ritual. I do not agree with
the term "human sacrifice" as the original meaning of sacrifice was "to make holy". Ritual murder is not holy.

As Miley Cyrus is mentioned, then she was in attendance and the murder was for her dark empowerment. Dave McGowan in his Laurel Canyon series, "Inside the LC", catalogues the ritual murders/suicides of musicians and movie stars. McGowan's website

The ritual co-incides with the Oscar nominations announcements. Everything about the Oscars is surrounded in dark magic.

As you and I felt the attack on the third eye then part of the ritual was an attack against us. On the scale of previous attacks it would be a 2 out of 10. Simply being aware of it is protection. Jack London:

The power used by black magicians is parasitic or stolen power from the souls of others. It is a mockery, an illusionary creation based on fear, like the glitter of Hollywood.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


Subject: triggers
From: Laurie
Date: Tue, January 25, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I remember getting the gibberish emails several years ago that brought back memories from the 1970's - seems like it must be some sort of programming to me. I was just watching Dr Hageland's Brain, creativity connection with David Lynch and the TM (trancendtial meditation) stuff and ran across a program called Children of the Night - that saves children from prostitution.

Your email kind of strikes me that it could be related to some form of child prostitution. This is just my impression - I'm a mother and very protective as a result. Just wondering if that rings a bell for you. I'm not sure about the Dr. Phil video on the link (he's not my favorite) but the program seems to be a godsend for these kids.

Hope all is well with you.
Laurie K


Subject: Mind Control Trigger Emails
From: Dagmar
Date: Tue, January 25, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

You may not recall, but some time ago we got a chembuster from you. It's working like a charm, although at the moment it's indoors sitting on carpet (I have it indoors to preserve the resin from breaking down in the UV light) and it has occurred to me that it needs to be sitting on something to "ground" it properly, like tile or cement, so that is attached to the earth. Would that be a correct conclusion?

Also, I read the gibberish text you posted from that site you went to. It did not bother me to read it -- actually I started to laugh (I guess that's a good reaction to have)! But perhaps it does not affect me, as "they" have tried to come after me more than once while meditating, and I've given them the proverbial boot in the butt, so to speak, each time. Last time, I gave them a warning not to mess with me anymore or they wouldn't like what would happen......

I thoroughly enjoy reading the articles and information you post so I can keep abreast of the latest news. Keep up the very good work! :-)

All the best,

Dagmar A


Hi Dagmar,

Glad to hear from you. For the CB, yes it's best if you can place it more in contact with earth, but being outdoors is equally important. Don't worry about UV light and the resin. It's insignificant.

I"m happy to read that you got no reaction. I found out more info from ZSL. The web site and distorted words and reference to Miley Cyrus is tied in with satanists and black magic. You can read the note sent to me by ZSL.

The Etheric Resistance may look into this and provide more info in the near future.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Mind Control Trigger Emails
From: Dagmar
Date: Wed, January 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your reply. :-) I placed the CB back outside in the late afternoon yesterday and I can see a difference in the sky here today. I guess it's happier now! I did want to ask if it can be outside on a cement sidewalk, but under the eaves of the roof, or if it's best for it to have a straight shot to the sky. Also, if it does have be fully "uncovered", can one put some plastic or something over the tubes when it rains to help keep out the water. As a side note which you may find interesting -- our neighbor has an apricot tree that they planted about 10 years ago and for all of the 10 years, it never produced fruit in any quantity (it would have maybe 6 apricots total at the most) until this past summer, when it produced fruit with a vengeance. The branches were drooping quite a bit under the weight and those were very tasty apricots, I must say! I was thinking the CB may have had a large hand in that..... Oh, and one of their apple trees also produced quite a few apples, as well, more than in past years.....

I read ZSL's comments regarding the web site and distorted words and found that quite interesting. I'll also look forward to any information that comes from the Etheric Resistance regarding this matter. I also enjoyed listening to the two part show you and ZSL did with Don last week. More interesting stuff!! I hadn't listened to those before, but plan on going back and getting caught up on the others you've posted.

Have a great day! :-)



Hi Dagmar,

A CB under the eaves is OK. For rain, just tip the CB over and empty the pipes of water and set it upright again. It only takes a moment to do that. Plant growth is improved in the presence of large orgone generators like the chembuster. Many have reported this observation, so the trees likely responded to the CB's presence.

Best, Ken


From: Greg
Date: Jan 25, 2011

Yes I felt my heartbeat in a portion of my head that I normally don't feel it when I read that mind control note. I only read it once. There is something to that. I will be interested to see what responses you get.



Subject: Mind Control Trigger E-mails and Distorted Text Web Sites‏
From: June
Date: Tue, January 25, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Please take down the gibberish words. The first part of your posting is very good, and it may be useful to post to us readers a description, like:

The sentences are complete, but make no sense. The nouns and verbs and prepositions are all in the right places, the grammar is perfect, but the words make no sense. The words are words that might relate to each other, but they seem to be out of context. The words are very confusing.

I put up heavy protection and read the gibberish you posted and it feels bad after reading it. I did a meditation on the subject and here is what I got:

It was initiated to gather in people. It makes some people who are clairvoyant to see distortions, instead of the truth. We must stand in our full presents and see these ogres for what they are. This observation will lead us to spiritual healing and the death of the spy network that seeks to confuse us. People are rapidly developing clairvoyance and those who would want to control have put this out so the developing clairvoyants see nightmares instead of the truth.

We should not follow these leads, even if we think we can handle it, but should be aware of them. (I suppose my angels were admonishing me, here too.)

Thank you for posting this!

Blessings, Ken

P.S. I was attacked with a dark, red ball, which seemed to be luminescent, headed right for the middle of my forehead. My protection stopped it.


Subject: Mind Control Trigger E-mails and Distorted Text Web Sites
From: Branden
Date: Wed, January 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello, Ken

We’ve talked briefly before, about the whole 13th Zodiac crap that was rolling around the net. But anyways I read your message about the Trigger words, in that email you received. I did read that paragraph, and I just wanted to share my symptoms I am now experiencing as I write this message. After reading I too felt an immediate headache coming on, but with some positive thoughts it sort of dissipated. I do feel slight pressure in the right side of my forehead like a pulsating feeling and a slight head ache that seems to come and go. But what’s weird is I feel
somewhat nausea’s, everything feels like a blur. Like a slow motion feeling. I keep zoning and catching myself starring off into space, it’s weird. Something definitely is not right about that message. I wish I never read it now, as I am at work and feel a bit strange now. Or maybe I’m just strange who knows. But thanks for sharing this important info. People must know that this is going on and how to protect them selves from it.

Thanks again for your time Ken.

Branden G.


Subject: Mind Control Trigger E-mails
From: Chad
Date: Wed, January 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello again Ken

Where to begin? Well, let's start off with the obvious. This e-mail is basically a perception filter. It blocks or stunts the kundalini.

I've been trying to encourage people to look towards the future instead of the past. Reminding them they have a choice in what happens to them. More and more people are realizing every day. They have the power and ability to shape the living world around them. As the change takes place there will be individuals within this world that will try to guide. And help those who require their assistance,in making choices that will aid in their happiness. So that this world might experience its next golden age.

Rest assured that this has not gone unnoticed. There are other individuals that do not want this change to occur. They want to maintain the level of suffering and pain. It is for this reason they're trying to disrupt or distort the directions and communications from this unseen world from getting to you so that you might not find hope And come to a true understanding of love and charity toward your fellow man.

Mechanics of the letter and how it works:

Basically it triggers certain emotions within your self which alters your brain waves, making you a conductor. Then it basically overrides or dampens your vibration. it works like electro-anesthesia. By overriding the brains signals and the signals of the astral body the person goes to sleep.

Ken, by sharing this information you are unwittingly participating in the plan to anesthetize those of us that are awake to the unseen world around us.! I don't believe this was your intention, people are just too curious. it would be helpful if you remove this link, while educating people to the dangers and reason behind it. So that they could possibly avoid similar links like this in the future. unfortunately this is the first time this was tried and it will not be the last! People will sometimes surprise you. If given the right opportunity that will demonstrate wisdom and intelligence. By no longer falling for the same old tracks. And if they are educated enough curiosity does not get the better of them. If this
letter will help prevent more from being anesthetized please feel free to post it.

{Added the following in a second e-mail]

Ken curious footnote, it would appear once someone has read particular e-mails. These e-mails become implanted within their subconscious under the name of Miley Cyrus. You may or may not be aware she generated quite a bit of empathy. Within the public consciousness quite a few years ago.

This has the effect of re-installing or awakening certain suggestions that put your higher reasoning and true spirituality asleep. Hopefully your are you aware of this


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