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Reader Wonders if Focused Thoughts Turned Off Chemtrail Sprayer?
November 11, 2014

Reader Wonders if Focused Thoughts Turned Off Chemtrail Sprayer? (Nov. 11m 2014)

On 11/11/2014, Jack wrote:

Hi Ken,

Interesting experience last weekend just outside of Phoenix. I was visiting friends there & watched as a plane spewed out a chemtrail. As I watched, I noticed that I was in my heart even as I thought about the pilot & what s/he was doing to the earth. I looked away for a minute, & when I looked back I could clearly see where/when I had been watching -- there was a long, clear gap in the chemtrail that corresponded to that time period. I left the room for a minute, and when I returned I was able to point out the gap to my friend. I never realized how easy it could be.



Hi Jack,

It's quite common for sprayers to turn off and then turn back on, creating breaks in the chemtrail line. I assume they do that so that the segments will look more like natural clouds, rather than a long, unending chemtrail line. That's probably what happened in your case, but it is, nevertheless, possible to do it with your mind as explained by Barbara Crouse Brown in her interview with Daniel Ott (at the 29 minute mark). To find out, you should try it again when you see a chemplane and see what kind of results you get.

Sylphs especially will respond to human thought and intention. They can materialize very quickly from an invisible state to start gobbling up and transmuting chemtrails--sometimes as fast as the chemtrails are being sprayed out.

Just so you know, 99% of chemplanes today are not piloted by humans. They are drones under computer control. I posted info from both the Etheric Resistance and Ashley back in 2010 that explained how chemplanes are under the control of large Artificial Intelligence (AI) government computers

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I haven't seen a chemtrail overcast here since about 2002 when we first started to put up chembusters and deploy orgone generators around town. Prior to that, I would see chemtrail overcast skies all the time. It was RARE to have a blue sky day that wasn't plastered with chemtrails. Today, I will occasionally see a few chemtrails now and then, but the Sylphs come in so fast, that they don't usually get a chance to build up to any degree. Most days here are deep blue skies and normal, white fluffy clouds.

If you set up a chembuster and gift muffins to the cell towers in your area, you will see far fewer chemtrails hanging in the air. Sylphs will come in very fast to transmute them into non toxic cloud banks. I've taken many photos of that process and had posted them in previous years.

Of course, I would still try the focused intentions and see what you get. Some people have tremendous ability in this area. ZSL and Don Nicoloff, for example, are very good at calling in Sylphs with the mind.

Regards, Ken


On 11/12/2014 John (Netherlands) wrote:

Hello Ken,

I did the same thing, ones very near to the edge of Hoek of Holland. Also known as 'Port of Europe'. The sky was filled with the haze and chemtrails. When I stopped for a few minutes and lay on a bank on the edge of the footpath, I was able after a short while to rip open this sky just as I say a cut in the haze that opened up and made me immediately smell the pine tree that was about 4 meters away from me.

That marked also the moment where I was attacked astrally and an immense breeze came into my nose. And only there I felt this breeze, nowhere else. After that point, I walked on and there were two border patrol cars directly approaching me where there is normally no traffic. In both cars there were satanists (humanflesh eaters) that were probing my mind.

So can you thought control Chemtrails; yes indeed if you have the good spirit !
And thereafter, I was spoken to from a man with his dog specifically there to distract my mind.

There you have it Ken, just ONE person who can do this somehow. I feel I am the only one here in the region that is still awake. The rest is all super mind controlled and many of them are not human of origin; that is clear to me now after many years of observations. The world is LONG invested with origins out of Earth with very bad intent!

The Netherlands

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