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Astute Observations on the 'Missing Links' 9/11 Video
September 14, 2008

Astute Observations on the 'Missing Links' 9/11 Video (Sep. 14, 2008)

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From: Maurits Wp
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Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2008 8:46 AM
Subject: Regarding the movie "Missing Links"

re: 'Missing Links', The Definitive Video on 9/11 in 12 Parts (Sept. 10, 2008)

Greetings Ken

The video “Missing Links” seems suspect. The information, not unlike in the movie “Zeitgeist”, is solid and mostly accurate up to a point. But then appears a Trojan Horse whereby under the veil of mostly quality information, in slips in a hidden agenda. This agenda spins the identity of the real culprits.

In its depiction of whom was/is to blame, “Missing Links” attempts to hammer home the notion that one should recognize the architects of 9-11 as Jews rather than Zionists. While I couldn’t follow the logic, I think they are trying to imply that when Mossad comes a calling, it is incumbent upon all good Jews to at least provide cover and assistance to help facilitate Mossad and the “Jewish” cause.

This does not concur with personal experience of a number of American Jews who, while proud of their heritage, are not motivated entirely by tribal instincts and are independent enough to risk ostracism and repercussion by refusing to submit to such blackmail. My guess is that Mossad intelligence already knows before asking who might be compliant. Anyhow, the erroneous grouping of all Jews with the covert activities of Israeli intelligence, particularly Mossad, is the first flaw. The next error is a subtle slide of hand technique that says the Neoconservatives are Jewish idealogues with a few gentiles on board. True, in numbers there are a preponderance of dual citizenship Israel-first Jews in and around our federal government and undersigned on PNAC. But in the pyramidal hierarchy these NeoCons are actually just operatives of agenda of the Nazi new world order.

One has to keep in mind that both cooperation and acrimony exists between the many power factions such as the Vatican Jesuits, The Rothschilds’ Bank of International Settlements and London Banks, The Rockefeller Oil Cartel, The Pentagon, and a slew or other nominally familiar organizations, let alone exopolitical considerations. Speculation aside, ultimate control is impossible to gauge and there appears to be no clear ascendancy in the pecking order.

We should be thankful for the facts supplied in the movie, but leave the rubric alone as it falsely depicts the perpetrators. Their willingness to concede so much information in return for a desperate shell game of blame shifting seems like a sign that their cover is gradually being discovered. How much longer can they hide behind the firewall and canard of Anti Semitism?

Oh yes, I agree that “Zeitgeist” is a similar prop by its attempt to dismiss the historical relevance of Christ.


Maurits (Mo) Winkler-Prins

Troy, MI

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