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Missouri Sighting Makes Joe a Believer in Sylphs
April 2, 2005

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Hi Ken,

Last Tuesday morning, over downtown Clayton where I work on the 11th floor of a building with a good sky view, I had my first aware experience of the sylphs.

I noticed a VERY curious chemtrail snaked in a S-type shape. It was clear this was an unusual thing to see. I had to stay busy at work but kept peeking out the window at it. Presently, here they came.

I really could not believe it. It was a 3-pronged movement of the type I have seen on your site...looked kind of like a Hebrew letter Shin. Graceful, and ethereal. Coincidence I thought. But I was fascinated by the display. They were getting near the CT. I had to get to to work.

About 15 minutes later I looked outside and the coincidence factor was blown away. The path of the sylph(s) cut a huge, complete break in the CT snake...clear blue sky between the two ends of the CT, and the sylphs were just on the opposite side of the CT...its path and the CT break was unmistakable.

The sylph(s) looked really amazing...I later realized the CT was drifting one way, and the sylph(s) were going another. The sky had other curious chemtrail/sylph activities in more distant directions. But this was right over head. Amazing.

Later I saw the drifting, lacerated CT widening itself and the sky got cloudy shortly thereafter. I was an eyewitness to something that I thought was only a curious theory by some imaginative people.


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