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Mobile Phones, Big Brother, & the Cashless Society: Looking for an Out
May 28, 2008

Mobile Phones, Big Brother, & the Cashless Society: Looking for an Out (May 30, 2008)

Subject: Mobile phones
From: Vicky
Date: Wed, May 28, 2008
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

I have just found out that within 2 years, everyone will be able to purchase items on their mobile phones. They can already buy into data giving them the directions to High Street shops. The audience can use their phones to access the internet via a barcode on billboard posters for the product to find out about details of the store it advertises etc. Apparently they already do this in Japan. I know almost everyone has a mobile and I see the cashless society beginning. How can we challenge this?

Regards, Vicky


Hi Vicky,

That's an important question and I'm glad you're asking it.

There are two big concerns in using a cell phone

1. The microwave radiation is BAD NEWS for your health, longevity, and especially for your brain. You are LITERALLY COOKING your brain with microwaves from that cell phone (take a look at these photos showing a boiled egg cooked by the radiation from two cell phones placed on either side of it). Children are the group most at risk. If you love your children, explain to them the damage caused by microwave radiation and don't let them use or own a mobile.

2. The cell phone is your personal NSA/CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 tracking device and monitor station. The government doesn't have to worry about implanting you with a microchip if you're going to carry it around with you voluntarily.

Using a cell phone for conversations, purchasing, billing, e-mail, barcode access, photos, etc is the best way I know to help fill the government's data bank on you with every minor detail of your wants, attitudes, motivations, peccadilloes, and personal thoughts that they can later use to control or influence you to the nth degree. I guarantee that every iota of data that passes through your cell phone is recorded on government computers --you can take that one to the bank.

Every location on earth where that cell phone has been physically located, minute to minute, hour to hour and day to day, while in your possession is ALSO recorded onto your government data base. Thus, they know what you're saying, what you are interested in, who you're interested in, what you care about, where you were, and   what you were doing. Sounds to me like a cell phone is the ideal, indispensable accessory for a New World Order slave.

To stop cell phone interest, print out the articles on my site (and other web sites) that CLEARLY report on the damage caused by cell phone radiation and show them to people. Once young people realize that they're going to increase their chances of getting a brain tumor by a HUGE FACTOR, they're going to think twice about the value of using a mobile versus dying in a hospice of incurable brain cancer at the age of 30 or 35 years old, perhaps younger, according to some reports. This is not a scare tactic. It's documented science.

Now, what to do about it:

1. Don't buy or use a mobile phone.

If you are the sort of person who MUST have a way to be immediately contacted (most  of us don't fit into the "must-have" category, except those whose egos tend to make them think so) then it's still possible to use a PAGER without revealing your identity or address to the paging service company. Yes, the pager can be tracked by GPS and yes they can record the phone numbers transmitted to the pager, but you can foil that tracking effort by working out in advance a series of CODE numbers which will be substitutes to represent certain individuals whom you could call back using
a pay phone instead of using their real phone numbers to page you with.

Yes, the growth in electronic transfer of funds plays into the cashless society game plan.

Bartering systems

2. You can still join with others to establish other means of value exchange within your group. That could be silver or gold coins. You could print your own script (paper play money). Or it could be a barter system where bartering points are stored in your Barter bank book account and you exchange points for goods or services. You could even work out a bartering exchange agreement among your group where so many apples is equivalent to so many pounds of rice, etc.. Labor equivalent charts could be worked out for similar type labor. For instance, an hour of electrician work is equal to an hour of carpentry or plumbing work-provided the work is performed diligently.

I feel that the full implementation of the cashless society is still many years away, but if we began to implement a PARTIAL bartering system now, it will be easier to transition over to full bartering system if required in the future.  It's important to remember that IF enough people reject the plastic money scheme and turn to a barter system, there WON'T BE a cashless society as the controllers wouldn't want to lose access to your money, labor, or the control over your life.  

Credit Cards

3. Speaking of plastic money, don't use a credit card ever. The psychological lift from not being in debt or owing people money is more valuable than you could possibly know. The sense of freedom is invigorating. If you have a credit card debt, even a low one, it makes you FEEL like an indentured slave. If you want to use a card to make purchases over the phone or internet, then use a debit card only. Don't buy anything on credit. If you don't have the money, don't buy it or sell something to get the money or borrow it from friends if you must, but DON'T USE A CREDIT CARD.

4. Another idea is to join or form a community cooperative. You assign jobs to grow food, build homes, raise chickens, etc., and everybody shares in the bounty and nobody pays a dime. You make you own electricity, make your own clothes, etc, etc.; you become completely self sufficient. There are already groups like this around the world.  There is the religious group in Switzerland who use a free energy device called the Testatika. They are completely self sufficient and independent of the local economy. I know of a Japanese group in Brazil of about 200 people. A very successful and warm family group; none of the communist trappings associated with the Israeli kibbutz.

The interest in self-sustaining, self sufficient community living arrangements is growing. While the foolhardy will dawdle away the time continuing to play the Illuminati's enslavement money/employment games, the wise will take steps to extricate themselves from The System and team with others of like mind to share the work and acquire the knowledge to live independently. 

What can you do along these lines in England?

Regards, Ken

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