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Molly's First Sylph, Savanah, Georgia
July 10. 2008

Molly's First Sylph, Savanah, Georgia (July 10, 2008)

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From: Molly Hall
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2008
Subject: angel sylph

Dear Ken,

Small Sylph among chemtrails, Savanah, GA July 9 2008I live in Savannah, GA and have had a lot of problems with the chemtrails, and my health -- burning throat, fatigue. Yesterday, I saw this in the sky, and wondered if it was a sylph. Since I've become aware of the chemtrails (only recently), I've tried to ask for guidance to get to the bottom of a sense of chronic tiredness. I live 'in the country' but near a military air strip that is very active.

But when my husband and I came out yesterday, I had a different 'feeling' about the sky. I looked up and saw this image, and what looked like a horse. I also noticed that a chemtrail was broken in two and then was dissipating more quickly than usual. The air felt fresher, and I didn't have that burn in my throat.

My husband and I went for a walk and saw a military plane and a helicopter right above us, and that was strange since they usually don't fly directly overhead. I felt comforted to know that there might be forces out there trying to counteract what is happening to us. I'll be trying to be open to working with these spiritual entities in the future, through prayer and ritual work.

Thank you for presenting the info -- priceless!


Molly Hall--


Hi Molly,

Yes, that's a small Sylph among the chemtrails You can increase their presence greatly if you would distribute muffin size orgone generators near every cell phone tower in you area, especially near that military strip.

Military bases project a lot of DOR energy because of their mind set and their war training and that makes it hard for Sylphs to work. The orgone generators (and your rising consciousness) can make a difference and increase the OR level and you will see more and larger Sylphs. There is no question that we have entered a new plateau in defeating chemtrails, thanks to the increasing effectiveness of Sylphs.

The more people find out about Sylphs, think about them, and silently ask for their help, the more effective they seem to become. I've seen it locally for the past few months. Chemtrails are being "cleaned" and transmuted into regular clouds FASTER than they can spray them out! It's really amazing to see.

Keep me posted.



----- Original Message -----
From: Molly Hall
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2008
Subject: Re: angel sylph

Hi Ken,

I wrote about this on my blog, for, which is 'main stream media' in an article called Spirits of the Air.

There's a link to the new song by Beck (a grammy winner) called Chemtrails. Read his lyrics and you'll see he has made the weather modification connection. I'm sure his song will make people more aware, big time.

We sure are in a new frontier with brand new spiritual challenges. I'll look into getting an orgone generator.

There's a huge cell phone tower in eyesight, a radio antennae, and then the airstrip on the other side of this 400 acre farm. I'm trying to take risks and push beyond my fear of writing what's in m heart and soul, and follow a sense of EXTREME urgency I feel inside about communicating what's going on.

I do think it relates to my field -- astrology -- since the energy field of earth is being altered. I can't imagine how weather forecasters take themselves seriously anymore, with this going on.

Thanks for your good work and response,


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