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My Mother's Disease [ALS]
June 15, 2004

Subject: My mother's disease
From: Nguyen
Date: Tue, June 15, 2004 6:41 am

Dear ,

My name is Nguyen, a Vietnamese. It is inconvient bothering you this way, but I have got a big trouble.My mother has been suffered from a terrible disease for more than 3 years. At first, her left arm became weaker and smaller, and no longer can be used well.The process quickly began with the other arm and her two legs. Along with this, she started to feel hard to swallow. Now, she can not stand by her own legs, and hold by her own hands. She can not have solid food and uses liquid instead. Her situation is very bad. in Vietnam, no hospital can find out what kind of disease it is. This May, her daughter brougt her to USA wishing that the modern techniques and experienced doctors of America will make thing better.Unfortunately, American hospital announced that her disease is about the gradually death of nerve.This kind of disease can not be treated and what she could do is waiting for the death of herself.My mother's disease is amytrophic lateral sclerosis{als disease}.We could not stand such a terrible situation, and hope for a magic.I have heard that using Human Energy Field, the doctor (I do not know how to call a person who can control HEF) can, by my hope, save the patient.But I do not know how to begin that way. It is very grateful if you give me some instruction.My mother is still in USA, so please do not mind if she has to move from place to
place in USA. Her daughter will help her. If you have time, please response me as soon as possible because my mother's time is limited. Thank you very much for considering my case.

Best Wishes, Nguyen


Subject: Re: My mother's disease
Date: Tue, June 15, 2004 12:07 pm
To: Nguyen

Hi Nguyen,

I can't give you speicifc advice, but I can tell you to buy a book called "The Cure for All Disease" by Dr. Hulda Clark. She explains in the book what causes ALS (also called Lou Gehrig's disease) and what to do about it. It's possible to defeat this disease with different alternative methods such as bioelectrification, ozone, magnetic therapy, etc. Read the book and obtain a frequency generator to kill the parasites in her brain and spinal cord. Change the diet and follow Hulda's advice exactly. You can also contact Hulda Clark's clinic in Mexico. Ask when you call for the book.

Hulda Clark:
Books, videos, etc


Regards, Ken


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