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Mono Atomic Gold: What's the Sense of it?
January 10, 2011

Mono Atomic Gold: What's the Sense of it? (Jan. 10, 2011)

Subject: Monoatomic Gold
From: Sean
Date: Mon, January 10, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

I am curious as to how monoatomic gold destroys our DNA and where this theory comes from for further research. Secondly to me it makes no sense that in order to subvert the human race monoatomic gold is only there for people who are interested in it (very few people-more people like pepsi which has aspartame). Many of these people include masons and others who value their pineal gland(maybe they dont value others). Why not put it in the water like flouride-and why would David Hudson (illuminati) patent something they want us to consume freely. It has only been for those rich enough, and interested in such realms.

It makes no sense, but i am open.



Hi Sean,

The reasons for calling into question the use of mono atomic gold was stated in the original essay that I posted on the subject. You should read those articles first since they already address the question you are posing.

The DNA destruction discussed came from Anna Hayes and she said it referred to virtual DNA stands, which she claims are ten in number, in addition to the two we see in 3D reality.

Hulda Clark talks about the problems of having ANY form of gold in the body in all of her books. Gold is not a metal you want in your body, even in the tiniest amounts. I've explained some of the reasons in the previous essays I wrote on this topic, but you can read much more in Hulda's books. Gold in the body enables many disease organisms to PROLIFERATE (no gold and these organisms CANNOT grow). Gold also plays a role in the weakening of certain organ systems.

I don't know whether David Hudson is Illuminati or not, but he filed the patents in Great Britain in the interest of enriching himself I have to presume, not to benefit humanity.

Fluoride is a relatively light element (atomic number 9) and gold is relatively heavy (atomic number 79). I'm not sure it can be added to water to obtain any effects like fluoride since it would likely sink to the bottom. Who's going to approve that anyway? For what reason? Who's going to pay for it? The fluoride they put in water is an industrial WASTE product. Mono atomic gold is expensive.

The Illuminati and their reptilian overlords simply LOVE gold. Its influence is obvious in all ancient civilizations which clearly had involvement with negative extraterrestrial aliens such as Sumeria, Egypt, Babylon, etc. That should concern you.

Sir Laurence Gardner was a full blown Illuminati reptilian shape shifter. This was the guy who was leading the charge to get people to take monoatomic gold. Is this the kind of guy you would trust?

There are many things that you can ingest that will affect your perception of reality and could open doorways into other dimensions. LSD is one such substance. Peyote, Ayahuasca, psychedelic mushrooms, etc. Is it wise, though, to try these things? Certain people with the right upbringing and the right background can handle Shaman drugs and not get into trouble, but that doesn't include most people.

There is no biological need for gold in the body. If you want to ignore that common sense wisdom and take mono atomic gold because of alluring tales of expanded consciousness, then that's your choice. But avoiding foolish and risky decisions makes more sense to me.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: RE: Monoatomic Gold
From: Sean
Date: Tue, January 11, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Wow, thanks for your quick reply. I will review the site, and you make some valid points about putting it in the water.

I have onnly found one energy drink that uses it, but it is claims on the internet that is is being widely put in our energy drinks.The illuminati worship the pineal also or at least venerate its importance in spirituality. I think people in general should learn how to at least have natural glimpses of it, and this does involve being grounded first. I have also read that Monoatomic gold occurs naturally in the brain (you mentioned the hypothalamus) and its followers hail its electro super conducting abilities as a reason to want amounts of it.

I believe Gardner (creepy dude) is pursuing a holy grail or way to open the mind (but as your site mentions via the native shaman perhaps it is an artificial method of achieving something that needs internal work first. Either way, I am now wary at least, but having read of its natural occurrence in some foods including bee pollen, i still have an open mind(ish). From what i have read it seems colloidal silver has all the benefits yet is not touted as dangerous. Regarding your question regarding LSD, ayahuasca, I actually beleive yes people of stable (even some unstable with guidance) can benefit greatly from experience with altered states. Set and setting is everything and as you mention other cultures have wisdom traditions and shamans. Having been to the amazon and having drunk the medicine (ayahuasca) having tripped, i recognise your concern but I guess people who are around such topics generally are knowledge seekers.

Hopefully they are grounded or the risk is "lost in space". Thanks for your reply it was more than i expected. Also I might quickly ask you one more thing as I see orgone related products on your website. I have been in conact with James De Meo and he says that orgonite is a fraud not originally developed by Reich. He did this in response to another question i asked.

On a website i looked up they claimed their orgonites were superior as other orogonite eventually became positive ion generating and hence bad for peoples health. I emeailed her sand she sent a a preformulated response that was already on her site.

Upon questioning James de Meo he said he was the bearer of bad news and orgonite is a fraud. I am not completely sure regarding De Meo as he seriously plays down Reichs theories on aliens (but i guessu would have to do that if you were to operate on a mainstream level (not that he does). Anyways your theories or appropriate websites links etc would be appreciated.

Thanks again, Sean


Hi Sean,

Gold is not normally found in the human body, including in the pineal gland. I think you are confusing gold in the pineal with magnetite, which is iron based. And Sir Laurence Gardner died a year or two ago.

You should read this essay from White Owl to gain a wider perspective on the downsides of playing with mono atomic gold.

White Owl on The Dangers of Mono atomic Gold & 'Enki' Aliens (Feb. 4, 2009)

James DeMeo turned out to be a disappointment. We used to send friendly e-mails back and forth in the 1990s and up to 2002. After I began to post Don Croft's information on orgone generators and the chembuster, DeMeo went ballistic. He went out of his way to disparage Don and everything he was trying to do and say. He was on a crusade to discredit Don Croft and he attempted to make him look like an idiot. It backfired on him.

James decided, all on his own, that he was the heir apparent to All Things Reichean and woe be be to anyone who dare challenge his preeminent authority in that field. I was compelled to write a few articles debunking DeMeo and his ludicrous put downs of Don's work and his equally moronic claims that there was no such thing as "chemtrails", if you can believe that! Don Croft also wrote a number of articles about DeMeo and I think on balance, that DeMeo lost more than he had gained.

James Demeo has made a career out of living off the research legacy of Wilhelm Reich, without actually advancing that legacy by one iota. He's been living off foundational grants and derives income from giving lectures and seminars about Reich, publishing his books etc., but he's a close-minded and stilted pedagogue, who possesses NONE of the inventiveness, creativity, or the openness to scientific observation that characterized Reich's life.

In many ways, Jim DeMeo is the WORST possible custodian of the research legacy of Wilhelm Reich. If he were alive, Reich would have dumped him in a minute. He had no patience with stiffs.

Regards, Ken


Subject: RE: Monoatomic Gold
From: Sean
Date: Tue, January 11, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Again thanks for your rapid and detailed response. I will steer clear of the gold, just have find there is so much info disinfo, it is important to scratch deeper than accepting people comments, especially my own. I thought magnetite was more prevalent in animals such as birds but interestingly a scientist showed cows have an ability to detect such electromagnetic forces and since we have alot of DNA in common with a cow we could potentially. The comment i read with no reference, was that it occurs naturally in our brain, but since it has no reference and i have not been able to find evidence i accept other possibilities could be true.I read the enki article, and I take it as both a personal experience but one that offers the reader a possibility of what might happen. I know people that have had their lives changed (for the better) because of an lSD trip and others that will meet their demons. Something interesting is the assertion that it makes next generations androgynous. It also
mentions the Egytian Royalty using it and i remember akhenaten being very androgynous.

Shame about DeMeo i do get the sense its he clings to the info as if he is Reich himself. I know he claims misuse of Cloudbusters can lead to messed up weather floods etc. I havent heard of Don croft but thanks for letting me know about him, more study. I gather he is the proponent of Orgonite and that this is where Demeo wont go. Are there any good sites or links with info about croft.

What is your opinion of the ladies statement that orgonite will be bad fo your health unless made with new "orgonite" technology. IS she yanking the chain for money. Because several times i have seen youtube videos posting info on how to make cloudbusters, orgonite, orgonite pendants, seed generators etc. Are these dangerous in the long run, or is she a mammon worshiper selling ideas as opposed to science

Thanks Again, Sean


Hi Sean,

Don and Carol Corft played the leading role in popularizing the use of chembusters and orgone generators to transmute DOR energy. I wrote all about it in January 2002 in an essay entitled Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies.

Don got the idea from another man who was using the term orgonite and orgone generator on his web site, but that man wanted to remain secretive and did not reveal what he was actually doing. It was only AFTER Don Croft broke the story that this same man then wanted to claim credit for the orgone generator movement. Sorry, but Don Croft is the person who made the story known worldwide, largely through my web site. I have about 4 years worth of reports and articles from Don Croft posted to

Don Croft Articles and Reports

If the woman you are talking about is Sherry Shriner, then I've already addressed her delusional, self-gloryfying, over-the-top statements about "her" orgone generators (she's personally being direced by God, don't you know) in a few Letters to the Editor. You can do a search and find them. Anyone can make orgone generators if you follow the instructions posted by Don Croft. They are linked from my Orgone Generator page:

Regards, Ken


Subject: RE: Monoatomic Gold
From: Sean
Date: Wed, January 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Cool man thanks so much for the info i have been following it up. You have answered everything above and beyond, which is what is neccesary when there is so much BS. Yeah Sherry Shriner- get the same gist as you and I think such delusional people are the best disinfo agents as they dont need to get paid. She is the one claiming it is soft drinks (monoatomic gold) havent seen much of her stuff on orgonite.Regarding my final question regarding the vendor that claims normal orgonite is bad for ones health and that it creates positive ions after a period of time. This is by an Australian Kinesiologist who claims to have mastered 'orgonite technology" that is perfect for our health and wont cause positive ions.Her website is here here is what she has to say on her site regarding orgonite"Organite pendants, however, are filled with the noxious metals, crystals and coil all produce a negative energy that is harmful and interferes with our chakra system, throwing our chakras out of balance. These metals and crystals actually accumulate negative energies. Therefore, if you are sensitive to energy, you can feel great pai and discomfort in your body if you wear one of these. Some are better than others, however, even the better pendants seem to all have one side positive and one side negative. As I Kinesiologist, I have spent many sessions putting clients back together who have been wearing an OrganitePendant, that has caused all the upper muscles in their body to over-facilitate or "jam up", and they have come to me in so much pain, not aware that the Orgonite Pendant that they thought was Our Orgone Energy Pendants do not use any such ingredients, and they they are made with double sided positive energy qualities, as they are made with our unique Orgonium technology."

She even invented a new word Orgonium. Is she another snake oil salesman trying to cash in, do you think she could have legitimate points. My point is if she is right then she should be warning people, instead of waiting for them to hit her site. If what she is sayig is right then they could even be adding to the stress and pollution.Another diversionEither way thanks for your reply, take your time, I respond when i get these messages but if they are bothersome just say so, or take a lot of time.

I appreciate your work, Sean


Hi Sean,

I took a look. She wants to promote her own pendants of course, so she gives you a sales pitch and talks about the "noxious" metals of orgone pendants and "positive ions". PLEASE. Give me a break. If there is no metal in the pendants, then they aren't orgone generator pendants. They are colored resin pendants.

The energy from an orgone pendant sometimes does not agree with some people, so it's not for everyone, but most people notice a beneficial and positive effect.

Anyone can call himself or herself a Kinesiologist and claim that their Kinesiology tests "proved" this or that. Put ten Kinesiologists in the same room, testing the same person, for the same information and you can get ten different answers. Like dowsing, Kinesiology is not an exact science. Some people get more reliable results, but many people who lay claim to a title get iffy results.

I also noticed that she offers the Ultimate Zapper from Ken Presner, the most outrageous marketing hypester yet to come down the turnpike.

I might remind you that the orgone generator movement began with Don Croft. He explained everything he was doing and kept nothing secret. There are always Johnny-come-lately copy cats and wannabes like the Sherry Shriners of the world who will lay claim to superior knowledge, but they can't REALLY substantiate or prove any of their claims, which are usually shrouded in secrecy.

So why would you give more credence to them than the originator of the movement?

Regards, Ken


White Owl on The Dangers of Monoatomic Gold & 'Enki' Aliens (Feb. 4, 2009)

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