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Monotomic Gold...Again
Jamuary 24, 2007 \

Subject: monotomic gold
From: Ian.(U.K.)
Date: Wed, January 24,
To: Editor

Hi my friend,

Heard about monotomic particles a few years back and didn't think anything of it. Then recently started researching it again. Had only researched all the adverts etc and the positives from Gardner etc and all the write ups that came up on search engines. Anyway, I had not read or found anything negative until I stumpled across this site.

Like you I am also quite a believer in what David Icke has to say.

My point though is by ingesting monotomic products to allow people to shift dimension surely is a good thing if the reptilians cannot shift to that dimension. Would it not be possible to set us some kind of experiment of a certain number of people to ingest large qtys so they can provide help from the 4th dimension in to this one? Surely there has to be some benfit for the good of mankind in using this so we can continue to fight the illuminati in all its forms?

Most people believe that some kind of ascension will take place at some point, would this not help in that?

Let me know what you think I would like to hear yours and others views and create some sort of debate, many thanks for reading



Hi Ian,

No, it will not help, but rather PREVENT such an ascension.

Taking gold for the experiment you suggest is not wise in my opinion.

We all can obtain info from higher dimensions (beyond the fourth) by listening to our own inner voice-which is really our Higher Self trying to communicate with us during normal waking consciousness.

I'm totally against taking mono atomic gold because I think the whole higher ascension thing is a hook designed to deceive you. David Icke, who I greatly respect, has been sold a bill of goods about mono atomic gold-from Brian Desborough I suspect. I like Brian too, but I completely disagree with his promotion of mono atomic gold. Also, a recent message from Matthew sings the praises of mono atomic gold. Now that's really bizarre!

I don't buy the promo line about mono atomic gold for one millisecond, and I don't care who's selling it. It's BS, from top to bottom. Common sense should tell you this.

There's nothing "natural" about ingesting gold in any form. It's a heavy heavy metal. When the top man of the satanic Knights Templar is promoting it, watch out!

There are negative aliens (see the Alien Insights page from Willy and Andy ) who are trying to prevent humans from ascending into a higher dimension and into an expanded consciousness and awareness because they don't want to lose control of this planet and their budding slave colony. I believe the promotion of mono atomic gold is a covert Psyops -which originated with the negative aliens who control the NWO puppets like Gardner- to get you to lose those ten virtual DNA strands and prevent you from going into higher awareness.

I have no interest in debating this issue. You asked for my opinion and I gave it. The choice is yours.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: Monotomic Gold: Did I screw myself?
From: Russ
Date: Thu, January 25, 2007 8:31 am
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

Love the site and read it frequently. I just read the articles about the warnings of taking MG. I became interested in it when I didn't know any better and read most of the Gerald Gardner books. Then when I saw it on David Icke's website I finally ordered some of that Evolution brand. I have not been taking it everyday or anything, just around once a month(mainly because I just keep forgetting...or my subconcious is trying to save be the judge :) ). I think I may have drank about 6-7 glasses with one teaspoon each since this past summer. My question is, if I have taken it even once have I screwed myself as far as my DNA goes and being a total slave to the NWO? My gut instinct says no, but I value your opinion on the matter. Thanks again.



Hi Russ,

I wouldn't worry about it. Short term use does not present the same accumulative effects as long term use. It is possible to pull gold out of the body using detoxification baths, etc. You can always trust your gut instinct as it's YOU (Higher Self) in a higher (and wiser) dimension.

Gerald Gardner was a mason, Wicca promoter and OTO occultist (Crowley style satanist). What did you learn from his books?

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Monotomic Gold: Did I screw myself?
From: Russ
Date: Thu, January 25, 2007
To: Editor

Oops, I did say Gerald didn't I? Yeah, I used to be a Gardnerian years ago and lost interest in it. I am glad I did once I realized what most of these oath-bound/secret societies are really about. I meant to say Laurence Gardner. I now think of myself as being spiritual rather than religious in
any sense. I try to follow Zen/Buddhist philosophy more than anything.

Thanks for the info, I am glad to know it is probably not causing me any bad effects in the long run. And thank you for your website. It has been detrimental in helping my wife learn and battle against her Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia. I think we would still be in the dark if a friend of ours hadn't given us the link.




Subject: MONATOMIC Elements
Date: Thu, January 25, 2007
To: Editor


I enjoy reading your site and think that you are helping many become informed- but if you don?t mind, i would like to spar a bit with you on the monatomic issue:

1) Have you had any direct experience with non-metallic states of Gold, Silver, Copper, etc.? Have you ever ingested it? That is a trick question because of course you have because it is abundant in grape juice, carrot juice and many many many other food sources.
2) Would you say that me making my elixirs from extracting these elements from sea water or salt in my home is dark in any way?
3) Do you have ANY direct experience with stage 4 cancer patients or other terminally ill people and animals making a full recovery by ingesting these elements?
4) Do you have any evidence that what people are calling monatomic gold exists and is actually monatomic?
5) Do you have any evidence or proof that any of these substances are metallic?
6) Have you ever grown fruit and vegetables while using these elements as nutrients for them?

I would agree that darkness has infiltrated virtually every aspect of existence including the ormus, wpg, m-state movement but to lump everything together with people like L Gardner and the likes I do not agree with. I have direct experience with healing of my body and have experienced profound states of "stillness" using these materials. I know a "few" very good souls that produce this "stuff" for people for many years and I can testify that these people are beautiful souls!. ..and much more.

In my opinion we as a whole need to make decisions based on direct experience and stop "taking other peoples word for it"- if this is how we lived (based on Christ to seek ye first the kingdom of heaven WITHIN), well, we wouldn?t need a site like "educate yourself" would we?

ALSO, from a different level looking at this, I can see that in "kens universe" your beliefs will lead to your experience of mono gold or whatever the issue- so if you take a sugar pill with the intent of it degrading your DNA, walla!!!! YOU chose to experience it!

In two weeks I may experience the Bears loose the super bowl while you may experience the Bears win! Both are true right?!?! Thanks for listening to this rant Ken, hope you find it all in good fun as this existence is meant to be.

PS- please don't publish my email address~


Hi Joe,

Thank you for your introspective questions and comments.

My turn:

1) Is it necessary to have a "direct experience" with cocaine in order to be in a position to judge its merits and ultimate effects? This may be a trick question as well, since you've undoubtedly have had a cup of cocoa on many occasions.

1B) By "non-metallic', do you mean the colloidal state? Does gold change its status from a metal to a non-metal when we are discussing one atom of gold versus many atoms of gold?

2) Would you say that turning off the light switch in my kitchen is 'dark' in some way?

3) I'm familiar with the possibilities of colloidal silver with some cancer patients and some people have turned around a  cancer by taking colloidal silver. Whether it was stage 4, I don't know. If you have verifiable evidence that stage 4 cancer cases achieved a FULL recovery by taking monatomic gold, then I want to see that evidence. I'll be the first one in line to tell the world that they can recover from stage 4 cancer by taking monatomic gold-if you have the proof you allude to. We're talking about Monatomic gold in this thread, not silver, or copper, or any other mineral.

4) Do you have any evidence that pigs actually cannot fly?

5) Have you ever heard of the Periodic Chart of Elements?

6) Certain plants need certain minerals for good growth, while other minerals are simply absorbed into the plant because they are present in the soil surrounding the plant. It's not correct to regard all minerals found in a plant as "nutrients', either for the plant or us. In very tiny amounts, our bodies need certain 'trace' minerals which, if taken in larger amounts, would cause us harm.

I'm interested in Ormus info and especially M state experiments. It's fascinating stuff, but that doesn't mean I'm going to drink it. I'm not lumping in Sir Laurence Gardner as much as he has injected himself into the discussion by promoting monatomic gold in every radio interview I've heard with him. You have to ask yourself: why? The Illuminati always, always, always package their deceptions as BENEFITS.

The subject of minerals and health is a big one. With higher knowledge of chemistry and especially of alchemy, even heavy metals can produce beneficial results. Paracelsus demonstrated that very well, however, in the hands of people with less advancement, the results are usually not good.

It's obvious that you're relatively new to my web site, otherwise you would have restrained yourself from lecturing me on the Law of Attraction, but I'm only slightly miffed, since I know your intentions are good.

By the way, the word is spelled "voila", not "walla"

Regards, Ken


Mono Atomic Gold-Think Twice

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