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RE: Mono Atomic Gold -Think Twice
August 18, 2005

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From: JProsek <>
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Subject: RE: Mono Atomic Gold -Think Twice

Hello Ken,

I rarely take my views into the open, but this seems to exceed some tolerance. You have an interesting and useful website, with information largely within acceptable norms of 'wider' understanding.

Your giving a bit of floor and even consideration to someone like Anna Haeys is somewhat surprising. (a little bit deeper research into that person, will find a rather revealing 'background').

If you re-read yourself the following drivel, you may wonder as much as some of us who have a modicum of deeper understanding.

quote:--Mono Atomic Gold -Think Twice -----------------------------
.....This gold is monotonic (with molecules in a high spin state), and looks like baking flour. It greatly enhances the pineal gland, and a similar substance of iridium greatly enhances the pituitary gland. Regular yellow gold or gold salts will cause the hair of the subject to fall out, but white gold is safe to ingest. After ingesting the.....

The destruction of the ten virtual DNA strands (unseen with 3rd dimension microscopes, but nevertheless still there in the higher 4th dimensional vibratory plane) prevents a human from activating these higher dimensional DNA strands and prevents access to higher spiritual awareness and telepathic abilities, as humans and mother .....

Now, THAT is bad!!.......Thanks, for considering this feedback.

Regards, Joe Prosek.

P.S. Even Drunvallo in his generally mild 'countenance' expresses some strong exceptions to the nonsense expounded by A.H. So, one may ask, what is her agenda? The answer is perhaps not that deeply hidden.

Also, the bonding of gold nanoparticles to DNA has NOTHING to do with monoatomic gold. Nanoparticles are very large atomic clusters having nothing to do with properties of high spinning single gold atoms.


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From: Ken Adachi
To: JProsek <>
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005
Subject: Re: Mono Atomic Gold -Think Twice

Hello Joe,

You send me your critical opinions, but you don't put any real knowledge on the table. Somehow I'm supposed to be impressed by your interpretation of what constitutes "drivel", but you establish nothing to defend your views. Your interpretations are based on YOUR knowledge base, but maybe your knowledge base leaves a lot to be desired. Some people might even characterize your remarks as drivel (you know about glass houses and stone throwers, don't you?).

First, don't confuse my words with the words of Fritz Springmeier. I'll discuss my statements, but I'm not going to speak for others. The comments that Fritz was making about mono atomic gold and the spin velocity of electrons were a reflection of what DAVID HUDSON, the man who patented the process for extracting mono atomic gold, had to say (to Fritz) about the spin velocity, not what Fritz Springmeier thought. Like all hip shooters, you read fast and come to fast conclusions, but you don't necessarily arrive at accurate assessments.

Your small mindedness is immediately evident when you point out an obvious typo and misspelling of the work "mono atomic" You've apparently never actually seen mono atomic gold because it is a WHITE POWDER that one could reasonably describe as looking like flour. It does not look like the metal, gold. I don't approve of drinking colloidal gold or the eating of gold foil either. Gold creates a lot of problems for the body. Read Hulda Clark's books and you'll know why I say that.

As for your non-belief in the notion of DNA stands existing in a non-visible dimension, well that's your problem. Who cares whether your lack of education or your rigid belief structure must adhere to physical duality as the only acceptable version of reality? I guess you've never heard of Rupert Sheldrake or morphagenic fields either. How about the astral body as a template for the physical body? All unknown territory, right?

I've probably been given more first hand, inside information about the former Anna Hayes and her personal life than anything you've ever read about on the Internet, so please don't patronize me with your insipid remarks about doing a "little deeper research" into her background. I choose not to publicly criticize Ashayana Deane because I believe that she is an extraordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences. I think her books are worth reading and I think she has revealed a lot of info that would otherwise not be known, except for her books. For example, the bigger picture for the control of earth by the off-world negative aliens who control the human/reptilian Illuminati, has everything to do with the control of Star Gates (if you don't know what they are, do a search on google). While the superficial story of the stealing of Iraq's oil and the war profiteering feast by the neocons is grist for the media mills, the REAL story about invading Iraq has to do with gaining access to the Star Gate beneath Iraq's sand. Anna Hayes explained this in her first Voyager book which came out in late 1999.

In November of 2004, during a four hour phone conversation with Cisco Wheeler, Cisco tells me that the REAL story behind the invasion of Iraq has to do with the STAR GATE under Saddam's control. Cisco got that information from her father, a very high level Illuminati mind control programmer, a personal buddy of Dr. Joseph Mengele AND Adolf Hitler, who told her about Iraq and its Star Gate in the late 1960's. He also told her back then that the Illuminati was going to eventually invade Iraq and take over that Star Gate. Cisco had no idea who Anna Hayes was, nor did she know of her books when I asked her.

So I'm not ready to chuck someone overboard just because they don't have the reputation of Mother Theresa. I want to read what they have to say and then come to my own conclusions. Since you point to Drunvalo, I could tell you that his background is also less than squeaky clean and the same sort of accusations that you might level at Anna Hayes, could be leveled at Drunvalo.

I don't go there because overall, I believe that Drumvalo has accomplished good things. Besides, the picture is much more complex than what appears on the surface. Beyond mind control, individuals can be 'taken over' by an alien entity or a demonic entity. David Icke talks about this in his books. This could happen rarely, or often, or all the time. The picture is made up of a million shades of gray. There is no black and white. You read, you contemplate, you discern and you take what feels right and let the rest go. That's the way I do it.

I'm not interested in whether you approve of my views or not. Stop taking up my bandwidth if you think I'm putting out drivel. Get your own web site and build your own readership. I'm sure there are many people around the world who will find your opinions compelling and fascinating. They are usually found working in recycling plants, separating paper from plastic, glass, and metal.

Sincerely, Ken

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