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Monoatomic Gold & Losing Your Soul
February 24, 2011

Monoatomic Gold & Losing Your Soul (Feb. 24, 2011)

Subject: Losing my soul
From: Mark
Date: Thu, February 24, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


I recently ordered monoatomic gold. i read good things about it helping one with calm/focused thoughts helpful in meditation. Then I read your article. I haven't taken it yet as it's still in the mail in transit. I've read so much from it being able to give you psychic powers to it being an evil illuminati plot to mess up your DNA so that one can't ascend. But I question that. Don't we all, in a sense, ascend in a way, when we die?

I read it can make one lose their soul. But when we die don't we just become pure consciousness? We are separated by the physical, including DNA? I'm still considering taking it but your aricle did make me regret ordering it.

Mark N


Hi Mark,

No, you're not going to lose your soul, but it may have some residual carryover into the astral realm. It's your choice, but I wouldn't take it.

You don't advance spiritually by taking a substance. That's ridiculous.

It may be artificially opening up psychic doorways, but it's never wise to go down that road. I've already reported what the downsides are. Besides destroying virtual DNA strands, gold itself is bad news for the body.

Open up any of Hulda Clark's books and you will find page after page talking about the problems of gold in the body. If you want to calm down, drink Valerian herb tea, or drink a beer, but taking monatomic gold is not intelligent.

You need to learn more about metaphysics. We don't become pure consciousness after we die. We transition into the spirit world, but you still have the astral body and will continue to have it for a long time until some later point when you graduate into a higher dimension of non-physicality. You have a long way to go before you become pure consciousness.

Don't be tempted by cheap tricks. You're putting yourself at risk for what?


Give me a break.

Does cocaine bring Nirvana bliss or are you TEMPORARILY kidding yourself with a serotonin overload, that will eventually cost you, in more ways than one?

Come on, wake up

Regards, Ken

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